How To Write a Business Plan Proposal

Whether you own a small or large-scale business, you will find that there will be a certain point when you will need to send out a business proposal to expand your own by joining forces with another company or government agency. Where a business plan involves careful study as to how to allow your own business to grow, a business proposal plan is made to enjoin other businesses to involve themselves with yours, so that your company gains more, business-wise, and facilitates in its need to grow further. There are two types of business proposals, both which you may use one time or another. One type is the solicited proposal where a particular government agency or business enterprise looks for another business to complete a particular project or specific task. It then opens up its doors to any businesses that would like to bid for the project. The unsolicited proposal on the other hand is where you offer your own services to a company of your choice, where a joint venture could be ideal for your company. Whether solicited or unsolicited, a well-written business proposal would be your best step to towards success. Here are some tips to consider when preparing your business plan proposal.

  • Provide sound solutions. Make a complete study of the company you are making your proposal to. Understand what problems they may be having, along with all of their business needs. Enumerate these issues and show them in very clear terms how your business can provide the answers to their problems and needs.
  • Mention other business entities that have benefited from your services. Although this is something that is often missing in a lot of business proposals, it does make a lot of difference to know that you are able to deliver what you promised. Other companies who have taken advantage of your services and were happy with the results can attest this to. It also helps in building up your credibility, which is a key factor in gaining another company’s confidence.
  • Show how the company can benefit from working with you. Your proposal should clearly show how the company you have made your proposal to can gain profit from your services, and how you can be an asset to them. This should be one of the highlights of your proposal because any business enterprise would surely want to know for sure what they can expect and benefit from by working with you.
  • Provide samples of jobs successfully done. A little extra that goes a long way is providing samples of your company’s work that has been delivered successfully. This is a simple method to prove that you are true to your word, and that you perform your best with the work expected from you.

Making a good business plan proposal is an effective means of acquiring new business for your company. It is important to remember however that this is just the beginning. Once you have been successful in obtaining another company’s confidence, you must make sure that you are able to deliver exactly what you promised and at the specific time you have given. As you build your credibility with the work you do, you can be assured that your own business will continue to grow and achieve all of its goals.


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