How To Write a Funny Script

“What is this? A center for ants? How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read... if they can't even fit inside the building? The building has to be at least... three times bigger than this!” That was what Derek Zoolander said after seeing a 3-foot replica of a school his nemesis Mugatu was offering him in the movie Zoolander. And that is one of the many lines in the movie that has gutted and busted more than millions of bellies with laughter.

Comedy, jokes and witty banters rely on two things and those are great writing and the proper timing. Here are some tips on how to write a funny script.

  • Materials for barn burner comedy. Comedy and funny anecdotes are all around us. And, they make good material if you are going to write a funny script. But on top of that, there are other things that you will need in order to write hilarious dialogue. You will need good writing skills to have the ability to weave one joke into another. Knowledge on how to write screenplays is also vital; you do not want the Hollywood honchos using your script as tissue paper since it is not properly formatted. A trusty computer and a reliable Internet connection is needed, otherwise you will be the butt of the jokes with ill-timed submissions. You should also feed your mind with comedic inspiration of epic proportions. Get a TV, funny DVDs and watch all day, yes this is one task where you are allowed to slack off and enjoy. Keep a notepad handy so you can write down something that inspires you.
  • Emancipation of comedic inspiration. Like in one of the many TED talks, it is often said that a person is born creative but grows out of it because of rules and standards. The same goes for comedy. People are born funny. Your parents and teachers just ask you to stop fooling around when you were young. Hence, the gradual death of comedy within you. To bring back the funny side to your life, you must immerse yourself in a pool of guffaws and laughter. Read the funnies, watch the movies, follow the sitcoms, experience stand-up comedy shows, and listen to jokes from friends. Take in all the laughter and learn to laugh at and with people, and more importantly, to laugh at yourself. Look into different styles of funny from street slapstick to highbrow English humor. So you have options on what funny script to write.
  • Meet the audience. For crying out loud, get out of your mother’s basement and mingle. Meet the people you want to have burst into laughter and find out what tickles their funny bone. If you are still locked up in the basement, here are some tips. Young people have less education than older ones by virtue of their age, hence, they will most likely go for more visual and slapstick comedy. Look at the Jackass videos. The older ones go for humor based on wit and crafty jokes. 
  • Elements of laughter. Comedy happens in situations where one thing has to happen but doesn’t or something different happens. It is important to have conflict. Take a look at the movie ‘Dude, where’s my car?” it is just a simple case of guys looking for their car. But the simple conflict provided opportunities for crazy laughter. A great team of brainstormers will help you sort out the script. And, in writing down your scripts think of a cast. It helps in visualizing the lines.
  • ROL. That is short for read out loud. This is a famous writing trick to check if what you have written is indeed funny. There will be times in the process of writing that you develop internal jokes with yourself. Reading your script out loud will help you determine if your script is indeed laugh out loud material.

A funny script is easy to enjoy and that is why, more often than not, comedies are box office hits. Spread the joy and write a funny script today with these tips in mind.


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