How To Write a Letter of Intent for a Scholarship

Getting to college can be very difficult for a lot of people, especially because college is a very expensive affair that will entail not just tuition money, but also money for the food and lodging that you need through the four years of university studies. One way to open your doors to higher learning is through the use of scholarships. Most scholarships require you to write a letter of intent for a scholarship. Here’s how you can write one.

  • Read the guidelines. Before anything else, make sure that you have read the full guideline about the scholarship program that you are applying for. Most of the time, you can find these guidelines in the website of the company or the foundation that is offering the particular scholarship aid. There are some scholarship programs that have very specific requirements, such as letters of intent with specific formatting or a specific number of pages.
  • Formalities. Unless there are specified formats for the letter of intent that you are to prepare, the basic rule is to follow the same rules for creating a cover letter. You need to make sure that your letter of intent contains your contact and mailing information at the top left part of the letter, and that you add the date and your signature. Also make sure that you write the full name, title, and position of the addressee who manages the scholarship committee that you are applying for.
  • Introduce your chosen degree. Next, you will need to describe in the letter the particular degree that you want to pursue in college. Remember, not all college degrees have the same tuition. There are some degrees that are a little bit more expensive than others. At the same time, there are some scholarship programs that limit the scholarships that they dole out to specific degree courses. When introducing the degree, be sure to add the reasons why the degree is useful to you and to the community at large, and why it will be advantageous for you to have that degree.
  • Add details. Add some details about the college course that you want to pursue. For instance, you can add the names of the schools where you want to study the degree that you have chosen. You can also add the name of the faculty or teaching staff from whom you want to learn.
  • Educational history. Next, write a brief background about your educational attainments. There are some scholarship programs that will require you to have a certain grade from high school in order to be given the scholarship, while there are others that do not have these types of requirements. Nonetheless, it is best if you are able to show that you are a competent and hardworking student in high school.

By considering the suggestions stated above, you should be able to write a letter of intent for a scholarship which can help you realize your dreams of going to college and getting the degree that can help you get into the career that you have always wanted.


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