How To Write a Performance Improvement Plan

Employees are important to a company because these are the people who work hard to make the business become successful. Each employee has a specific role to do. There are goals that an employee has to meet to show that he is a productive member of the company. If you are a supervisor, part of your job is to monitor the performance of your subordinates. Acknowledge their efforts when you see that they are doing well to boost their confidence. If an employee has been performing poorly, you may need to write a performance improvement plan (PIP) for him. This is commonly feared by employees as others think that it is equivalent to losing their job. But this is not the case. This is a way to check the things that need to be improved and find ways on how to assist the employee to reach his goals. Writing good news is often easier than having to deliver a not so good one.

Here are the steps on how to write a performance improvement plan.

  • Write the coaching events that you had with the employee. PIP is not something you do out of the blue. There should be previous correspondence with the employee about the goals that he’s not meeting. The coaching events usually contain the challenges that the employee was facing and the things that can be done to improve these. Give all the necessary details including the date when these were being done.
  • List the current goals that the employee needs to meet. Be precise when writing these goals. Include the exact period that the employee will be working on to meet his goals. Include also what you can do to help him in reaching his goals. If there are trainings or courses that the employees will need to take to help improve their performance, write these down on the PIP as well. Include what will happen if the employee meets the goals and also what will happen if he does not meet those. Read the draft of the PIP you wrote the following day or after a couple of days so you can see better what needs to be edited. Once done, have your manager or HR officer check the PIP to make sure that you followed the proper procedures.
  • Discuss PIP privately with the employee. This is something that should only be between you and the employee. Aside from you and your superiors, other employees of the company should not be told about this. This is a confidential matter that you need to keep. Explain the details to the employee and give him assurance that you will be there every step of the way to help him meet his goals. Get a feedback from the employee and ask him to write this down. If the employee verbally gave some comments or feedback about the PIP, you may write this down and ask him to sign with his initials. Let the employee sign the PIP to acknowledge that you have discussed all the details with him.

Track the progress of the employee and offer genuine support to meet his goals. As a supervisor, you will be his guide to improve his performance and keep his job.


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