How To Write a Romance Novel

For a man, a romance novel is boring and quite cheesy. But, for a woman, a great romance novel can make them sob and cry, relating the story to their own lives. And, since women outnumber men at almost 3 is to 1, writing a mesmerizing and captivating romance novel will surely provide you with a stream of cash as well as newfound fame. Of course, the only problem you will have to deal with is how to write that fantastic romance novel. Well, if you think about it, writing a story about 2 people in love but finding it difficult to pursue their love for each other due to certain issues that keep them apart is really not rocket science, right?  Technically, anyone can write a romance novel. However, only a few can really claim to create something with literary excellence. Today, you will learn the basics of writing a romance novel. From these basics, you can build up your skills to eventually develop a novel that will not only knock the socks off of the reader but will be a bestseller.

  • Start with the characters. Most of the greatest romance novels are driven by the characters and not really by the plot. The plot, which includes the conflict, is only there to mold the characters. However, in essence, the characters of the novel are what the reader will follow and love. To start things off, you will have to dream up a male and female character. The male character should be someone that most women dream about. He should seem hunky, handsome, and suave, with a tinge of mystery and danger. Remember, your main audience will be women so, make sure that your male character is all that they want him to be. On the other hand, the female character can be either strong or the damsel in distress type. But, do keep in mind that her personality should complement with the male character. This is important as you would want to make their love appear natural and not forced.
  • Determine the plot. The plot is actually the meat of the novel that contains the problems or conflicts that will hinder the love affair between the two main characters. Now, there are a lot of conflicts that you could come up with. For instance, the mother of the female character not approving of the male character for her daughter is one common angle that a lot of romance novels have used. Another option for a conflict can be a third party that will create confusion to the love affair. There are many others and some can be intertwined with each other forming a more complicated storyline. Decide on the plot and build your characters through it.
  • Figure the ending out. All romance novels normally end up with the two characters reuniting and succumbing to their love for each other against the odds. In this effect, you will want to figure out a resolution to the conflicts presented. From there, you can develop the ideal and perfect ending.

Writing a romance novel is easy enough with this simple guide. However, note that the actual creative process will normally take weeks, months, and even years to develop. Furthermore, to create a wonderful romantic masterpiece, you will want to dig deep into your emotions and try to relate the story with your own experiences. Additionally, you will want to write a novel that you will also want to read.


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