How To Write a Simple Resume that Stands Out

Making your own resume may seem really simple when you first think about it. But, making a resume that stands out may be quite a challenge. When you submit your resume, it becomes the basis for the employer’s first impression of you. The result of an effective resume can be seen if the employer decides to contact you for an interview. For this reason, it is important that your resume stands out from the resumes of the other applicants. It can happen that your credentials might be similar to some of the credentials of the others. To be sure that it is you who makes the first good impression, make sure that your resume is charismatic and impactful. If you are about to create your resume, here are some worthwhile tips to make sure your resume will stand out.

  • Customize your resume for a particular job. Whenever you submit a resume, make sure that it is customized for the particular job you are applying for. This does not mean that you have to make an entirely different resume for each job. You may make a standard one. Then, when the time comes that you have to apply for a job, tweak it to highlight the skills and qualities that the employer is probably looking for in the applicants for that particular job position.
  • Make it neat and simple. The Human Resource Department of companies will be reviewing a lot of resumes. It is important that yours is precise, including only the details that the HR dept. will be looking for. Avoid too putting too many words in because it might turn off the people reviewing your resume. You might use bullets to outline your information. This will make your resume more organized and clean-looking.
  • Make it relevant. Make sure that you leave out unnecessary information. You do not have to include work experiences that are brief and unrelated to the job position you are applying for, especially if it is just a minor job experience. You might only do this if you have very limited work experience. Make sure that the information you include makes sense and is relevant to the job being applied for.
  • Sell yourself. Remember that your resume will be the basis for you being scheduled for an interview. Highlight your positive side to sell yourself. This does not mean that you can exaggerate or invent information. Employers would find out anyway during the interview. You do not want to lose your chance because of this. Keep it real but attractive. Be confident of what you have. Also, see to it that you do not seem arrogant in highlighting your skills and qualifications.

Basically, your resume must reflect yourself and highlight your qualifications. It must be precise and straight to the point. Do not put too many descriptions and explanations in for it may look as if you are trying too hard. There are HR personnel who do not want to read too much unnecessary information anyway. Just be sure that you have included all the things that will help you win that job.


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