How To Write a Travel Journal

Writing a travel journal is a fun way to document your travel details, making it easy for you to share your tips and travel costs with your friends. How many times have you heard requests to share your itinerary and the list of hotels that you stayed in? Maintaining a travel journal per destination is a great way to preserve memories and at the same time, share your latest deals with your friends.  Here are a couple of tips to start a travel journal.

  • Making an outline of your trip. To make sure you do not skip out on any detail, write an outline of your trip first on a piece of paper. You can start with your flight out of the city or country and list your destinations in chronological order from there. Make sure that you include the stopovers, if any, plus any particularly interesting restaurants along the way.
  • Mapping out your travel. If you have a printed map of the places you are going to, try cutting a section of it and pasting on a piece of paper then highlighting the route that you took. Mark the cities that you will be staying in and the key areas that you visited.
  • Listing down all flight details and costs. To make a good record of your flight expenses, write a table that lists your flight information along with the airlines that you took. You can also have a short review of the airline and if there were particular incidents that sparked your attention such as immigration boo boos. Write the costs of the plane tickets so that you will know how much you spent on those.
  • Making a review of the hotel and accommodations. A very useful tool to have for future reference is a hotel review section. List down how much the nightly rate is and paste a photo of the room that you got. Highlight your favorite things about the room and what you didn’t like about it. If you have some stationeries from the place, that would be good souvenirs to post, too. Rate the hotel in a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest so that it is easy for you to gauge how much you liked it in relation to the past hotels that you have stayed in.
  • Rating the restaurants and composing a food album. One of the best things about traveling is that you get to taste all sorts of food from different locations. Compose a food section in your travel journal and dedicate that to your food exploits, from street food, to convenience store finds, fine dining restaurants and the local bars. When traveling, take pictures of the menus, if it is not prohibited so that you have a copy of what it was like going through foreign food lists.

Whatever you do, share you travel journal with your family and friends so that they too can experience your travel joys even with just a simple journal.


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