How To Write an Unemployment Appeal Letter

Losing your job can be one of the most challenging trials in anyone’s working career. Worse, experiencing a lay off can affect the lives of those depending on you. One way to react to a situation is by writing an appeal. It is anyone’s right to appeal to a lay off due to a deficit in company financing or even due to uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances. While this may be done, approval or reinstatement is not always a right given to every unemployed worker. Despite the risk, a statement of appeal may be voiced out through a letter. This article will show provide you with tips to writing an appeal statement.

  • It is very important to sit down and reflect on the reasons for your contract’s termination. Was it due to a company policy violation? Poor service delivery? A financial crisis within the company? These are areas to consider but other reasons may explain the reasons for your current situation. More often than not, rejection intensifies one’s feelings and emotions making the company’s decision to reconsider you very difficult. Statements that show too much emotion (be it sadness or anger) are received under a more negative light. To avoid those in the HR department from denying you reinstatement, you will need to set aside your emotions and talk to them more objectively about your work experience in the company.
  • The objective of an unemployment appeal is for your contract to be reconsidered. The best way to manage this is to write an appeal based on your strengths and advantages. Remember, the company does not want to know about how you feel. It is best to depict yourself as an asset to the company rather than a liability. Thus, your talking points should reflect the progress you have shown from your date of employment. Include here projects that you have worked on and their respective results. Also be sure to indicate your role in the project and what you have personally done to achieve such results.
  • If you have been fired due to policy violation or poor service delivery, you will have to be honest about your situation. Your talking points must include the real reason behind the offenses and violations being thrown at you. Do not react negatively as this will only ruin your chances. Be open to criticism and always cite what you have learned or taken away from the experience. Be as sincere as you can because HR representatives are trained to decipher fiction from fact. You should also be very clear about giving promises. If you do make promises, be sure to stick to them because you will not be given another chance anymore.
  • Always end your appeal statement with high hopes and optimism. Overall, your letter should include the reason why you have accepted the employment offer in the first place and the reason why you have grown to enjoy your job. You should always make room to speak about personal growth in the workplace by citing valuable lessons. If you wanted to, you may list down some colleagues as references to vouch for your work personality and character.

Submit your letter and wait until the company has given its decision. Do not force them to make a decision right there and then be forcing out threats and other unhelpful thwarts. Although patience and optimism help, take this time to consider looking for other job opportunities in case your appeal statement has been denied. You need to be ready to face whatever decision –be it good or bad.


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