How To Write Cancellation Letters

The cancellation letter is one of the letters that are hard to write. It involves expressing regret and, in all cases, tries to communicate termination of agreement without breaking trust and relationships, business or otherwise. But whether you like it or not, you have to make cancellation letters at some point in your life. Making a cancellation letter is an art to say the least because it has to be written with graceful tact. If you need help in writing one, here’s a guideline.

  • Know the cancellation policies of the company you are in agreement with. Whether it is a bank account, magazine subscription, or loan you are canceling, you need to find out and abide by the cancellation policies. Know what you need to include in the letter, to whom it should be addressed, and where to send it.
  • Make sure to start your letter right. First, you need to write the date of your letter. Then include the name of the company and the recipient of the letter. And make sure to write the proper salutation (Dear Mr./Ms.________:).
  • State your reason. You have to briefly discuss why you need to cancel the agreement, whether because you are not satisfied with the service or product or don’t see any reason to continue the service. Remember to word the reason correctly ad politely. Even if you have complaints, you don’t have to berate the company. Simply state that the service wasn’t something you were expecting or that the product was nothing like the company claimed. Remember, a cancellation letter is a business letter, so it has to sound professional.
  • Include necessary details. If it is an account you are canceling, make sure to write your account name and number in the letter. If it is a subscription, write the name under which the subscription is made. If it is a membership, include your name and membership number. You must also state that all your obligations have been successfully met. If need be, include other documents that might be required in the cancellation.
  • Write the effective date. As part of the cancellation policies, cancellation usually takes effect after 30 days. Although the company knows that, you still have to include the effective date in your letter to suggest that you are well aware of when it should be officially cancelled. Write the actions that you intend to take if the cancellation is not completed after the effective date.
  • Check your grammar. Because it is a business letter, your cancellation letter should be grammatically sound. Sentences are written in a coherent manner. Punctuations are in the proper places. Words are correctly spelled. And the body itself makes sense. Run through your letter several times and make sure to spot-check.
  • Print your letter. Use a clean, business paper in printing your letter. Use black ink. And don’t forget to affix your signature above your printed name.

Mail your letter through certified mail and demand for return mail to confirm the company’s receipt of your cancellation letter. The letter will serve as a written proof that a communication took place.


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