How To Write Funny Fortunes, Messages and Sayings for Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are crispy cookies made up of sugar, flour, oil, and vanilla, which contain “fortune messages” written on a paper. These words of wisdom are normally Chinese phrases translated in English. There are also some messages, which contain lucky lottery numbers. You can usually find fortune cookies in Chinese and even Japanese restaurants. Lately though, even non-Chinese and non-Japanese dining places serve this popular dessert. It has been said that you should not take the fortune cookie sayings seriously, as these are just meant to give practical tips in life. But still, a lot of people buy the idea of having a great fortune by following the instructions written in the cookie that they have fully consumed. If you are planning to write messages and sayings for fortune cookies, you have to be creative and imaginative. You must also be familiar with the recipients of the fortune cookies.

Here are the steps that you should follow in crafting your own funny sayings, fortunes, and messages for fortune cookies:

  • Study the personality of your recipients. It is important that you know the personality of the recipients of the fortune cookie messages and sayings. Think of the kinds of fortunes that your readers dream about, and list down all of them. This will make it easier for you to draft the actual messages.
  • Write sayings that may really happen. Consider the event when the fortune cookie messages will be read. Depending on the occasion or activity, write funny fortunes that are related to things that you foresee will happen. For instance, if it is a party you can write something like, “someone will go home with a brand new appliance” if this is really part of the program of the party.
  • Write special fortunes for each individual. You can spice up a party by coming up with separate sayings for every guest. Write a message for every individual based on what you think they want to happen. Find time to read these fortunes during the party, and you are sure to have a blast.
  • Do a fortune cookie game. Make your party livelier by having a game using the fortune cookies. Put in funny instructions in each cookie, and ask the person who got that cookie to do what the message says. For instance, if you wrote the message, “you will kiss on the cheek the person on your left”, then the person who got that message should really kiss the person on his left.
  • Include tongue twisters. You can try writing tongue twisters also. Have all the guests read the saying they got as they eat the cookie.
  • Be clear with your writing. Avoid lengthy fortunes that may be hard to understand. It may become boring for the guests. Make your messages clear, readable, and concise.
  • Be vague. You can write interesting fortune cookie messages by being vague. Say something like “you will undergo a major transformation the next day.”

Explore other ways to spice up your fortune cookie messages. Putting together rhyming words can make a statement more enjoyable to read. You can also try adding quotable quotes that can interest more the recipients of the fortune cookies.


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