How To Write Urdu in MS Word

Urdu is a South Asian language that is used as a means of communication by millions of people in Pakistan, India, and several other countries nearby. It is also Pakistan’s national language. It is officially one of India’s major languages. Because there are so many Urdu communities thriving all over the world today, the language is no longer limited to the Indian sub-continent alone. So many major cities around the globe now have flourishing Urdu communities, along with Urdu educational programs. Because computers are the most effective means of doing just about anything, from correspondence to research, at home, in school, or at work, it is also possible to be able to write in the Urdu language utilizing one of its most common programs, MS Word. This program is more commonly referred to as a word-processing package, which is a great help in either typing out or storing up articles, letters, and anything else that deals with the use of words. Urdu, being an official language, can also be written correctly by using the MS Word program. Listed below are the steps on how to do that.

  • BBC’s Urdu font. Go to the Internet and visit the website, BBC’s Urdu font. When you have opened it, go the bottom of the site and select the option, “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”. Once done, simply click on the “Download font.” From here, select “Save file as” which you will find on the pop-up menu.
  • Store your fonts. Set the location of your file as "C:\Windows\Fonts\", as soon you are prompted. You can also set your file location on any other folder that your computer uses for storing up its fonts. When Firefox is being used, the file automatically saves itself either on the download directory or the computer’s desktop. What you will need to do here is simply cut and paste your file onto the fonts directory of your computer.
  • Save or move fonts to the correct directory. When prompted by the security software, select “Allow” when it comes to either saving or transferring your font to the appropriate directory. Make sure that have been able to move the font “Urdu Naskh Asiatype” into its appropriate folder before you exit your directory. After exiting, load MS Word.
  • Type in Urdu with MS word. To begin typing with Urdu font in MS Word, choose “Urdu Naskh Asiatype which you will find in the drop-down menu. When done, you are ready to type in words in Urdu.
  • Use the virtual on-screen keyboard. If you have some difficulty when it comes to the layout of the keys in Urdu font, go to the “Control Panel,” which you will find on your “Start-up” menu. Select the “Ease of Access” option and “Start on-screen keyboard” to load your on-screen keyboard.

With MS Word, you can easily and efficiently type out Urdu just as you would in any other languages. You can also make use of all of the other program’s special features for grammar or spell checks and other editing purposes.


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