How To Make Homemade Toys for Cats: Best Cat Toys

Create the Perfect Cat Toy for Your Kitty

Toys for cats

Cats are playful critters that enjoy the toys you give them. However, it can become expensive over time to continually buy for your beloved pet.  

Sometimes the best ones are inexpensive or free to make.

  1. Figure out which one your kitty likes best. Do they like to chase string or bat around things that move easily? How about noises like bells or shiny and crinkly materials? Once you decide, you can focus on which one will give him the most pleasure.
  2. What can you use that you already have? Paper bags, plastic rings off of milk jugs, and plastic bottle caps are often more captivating than the most expensive cat-nip filled plush mouse. Balls of string, paper or aluminum foil balls are also popular. Many also like the feeling of being brushed. Try attaching your brush to the wall for kitty to use himself.
  3. homemade cat toysWhat types of things can you make from inexpensive parts? Buy some small craft feathers and attach them to string, or use carpet square remnants wrapped around blocks of wood for a homemade scratching toy. Bells for craft projects are inexpensive and come in various sizes. Just be sure to attach small parts securely they do not choke when playing.
  4. Repair old beat up toys. Does he have a favorite stuffed mouse that has seen better days? Sew it back up and clean it or replace missing parts instead of buying a brand new one.

We all want to make our feline friends happy and active. Homemade toys add a personal touch and shows you know what your pet likes best. Being creative helps to keep the cost down for you and the pleasure up for kitty.


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