How To Stop Cat Spraying Problems: Information About Cats

Get Tips to Prevent Your Pet Cat from Spraying

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You might be tempted to be very angry at your pet cat for spraying in your home, unfortunately, this will not deter him. It might even make him do it more! Before you learn how to stop cat spraying, let's discuss some information that may help us understand why your pet is doing it in the first place.

Here are some things to keep in mind about this cat behavior:

  1. Spraying can be from a medical condition; have your animal checked out by your veterinarian.
  2. Spraying can be caused by the stress in a cat's life from anything new. A baby, a new animals, remodeling your house, moving, pretty much any major change.
  3. This problem can be because the cat is in heat or wants to mate.

Now that you have this information, let's see how we can prevent this unwanted behavior.

How can you stop this?

  1. First, take a trip to the veterinarian. It's really important to rule out any medical problems before proceeding.
  2. Put your cat's litter box in the area that they are spraying.
  3. Clean where your cat sprays thoroughly. Even if it seems clean to you, it might have some scent left that will remind the cat to spray there again.
  4. Find out what's causing stress to your animal, and try to limit it. Is it another cat peering in the windows during the day? If so, perhaps putting the shades down would be a solution.
  5. Create some kind of annoyance where your cat sprays. Put down aluminum foil or another material that will make noise and discourage him from being in the area. If he does this behavior in bathtubs or in sinks, fill them with a little water. Many cats want to avoid getting their feet wet.
  6. Neuter or spay your animal. Males will often spray if they are not neutered. It rarely happens if the cat is neutered or spayed as a kitten.
  7. There are drugs that your vet can give you to help stop the problem if it persists.

Now you know how to stop cat spraying.


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