How To Turn Your Outdoor Cat into an Indoor Cat

There are several reasons you might want to turn your outside cat into an indoor cat. You might be concerned about her safety as a road gets busier by your house. You might notice the decreased number of songs birds in your area and how many birds your cat seems to kills as she practices her hunting skills. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult. Cats really enjoy being outside. While they can have an equally happy life indoors, it will take some adjustment on her part and work on your part. Here are some ideas on how to turn your outdoor cat into a happy indoor cat:


  1. Once you want your cat to stay in, you have to be firm. Your cat will most likely meow at the doors to go out, but if you are certain that you want an inside cat, don't compromise.
  2. If you live in an area with a cold winter, it's usually easier to make the transition in the winter months given that cats usually enjoy a warm house in the dead of winter.
  3. Outside your cat had a lot of stimulation, trees to climb, birds to chase and grass to eat. You can mimic all of these things easily in your home:
    • Buy or build you cat a scratching post and even a cat tree. Your cat will enjoy crawling up the cat tree and jumping from one level to another. Finding a high place to take a nap often makes a cat happy.
    • Buy your cat some new toys and play with her. Try many different types of toys and try and figure out what your cat likes best. Some cats are more fond of feathered toys and others enjoy balls. Be sure toys are not small enough for your cat to swallow. This will give your cats hours of entertainment and much needed exercise.
    • Pet stores sell grass that can be grown indoors that is safe for your cat to eat. It also will save your houseplants. Make sure your cat has access to a sunny window. You can even buy a perch that will allow your cat to sit right next to the window. She will be able to have a nice view of the outdoors and spend hours sleeping in the sun.

  4. If you want to let your cat have access to the outdoors, consider building her an outside structure that she can play in while staying safe. There is also the option of purchasing a harness and a leash and walking with her outside. It takes time to be able to walk a cat in the way you would walk a dog--and your success will depend largely on your cat's first experiences with the leash--but you can still follow her around.
  5. Now that you have an indoor cat, be sure to give her extra affection and grooming. This extra attention will really help your cat stay happy.


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