Exotic Animals & Wildlife

Nearly everyone is fascinated by exotic animals and wildlife, but care must be taken when handling or encountering these animals. While many people are excited about keeping exotic animals as pets, they may not realize that keeping these animals healthy takes hard work and a great deal of skill.

You may love the idea of keeping a snake, spider or rare animal as a pet - but each year, hundreds of these animals are injured, killed or abandoned by owners who didn't know how much work it would actually be to care for them. Let's face it: If you are considering keeping an exotic animal as a pet, you're going to need help.

Our articles can give you information on the diet, habitat and care requirements of animals such as macaws, degus, sugar gliders and other popular exotic pets. Have you wondered what it would take to care for a pet tarantula, or where you would even find such animals for sale? Do you want to know what the regulations are in your state for keeping exotic or wild animals as pets? Let our articles help you find the information you need.

Campers, hikers and people who live in certain regions of the country may face mountain lions, bears and other large wildlife. We can give you the information you need to survive encounters with many of these wild species. Our authors have a great deal of experience in handling, observing and caring for exotic animals and wildlife, and they're happy to share their knowledge with our readers.

If you're interested in conservation, our articles can teach you about endangered wildlife and wildlife conservation. You can learn interesting facts about endangered rain forest species and so much more. Whether you're an amateur naturalist, a hopeful pet owner, or just someone who's generally interested in animals, our articles have the information you need!

More Exotic Animals & Wildlife Articles

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    Whatever your problems are with regards to animals, you should know who you wanna call: yes, that's animal control.
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    Since regulations on monkey breeding and ownership differ from state to state, your initial efforts should be focused on getting ample details about such laws.
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    Much like a bird house, a bat house can be made from wood. Unlike bird houses, bat houses are very narrow and the opening is located on the bottom.
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    This article provides resources for the closest wild animal clinics that give proper care to wounded animals until they are able to return to the wild.
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  • How To Find Ugly Animals

    Targeting an animal as repulsive is largely a matter of opinion. However, certain specimens would unanimously win the ugly title.
  • How To Look for Endangered Animals Pictures

    There are many other sources of endangered plant and animal pictures on the Web. Visit these sites now and you may be able to help decrease the endangered species list.
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    Coyote hunting is made popular by human intervention in keeping the balance of nature, and of course, the hunter’s pleasure that inevitably comes with it.
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    Your wildlife identification skills must be excellent if you are a regular hiker or outdoorsman. Having these skills may even save your life.
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    Ferrets make great pets, if you're willing to up with some of their quirks. These furry charmers are intelligent, can be litter trained and love to play. But ferrets...
  • Get Involved in Ferret Rescue

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    Spider sightings seem to peek a few times a year. Most noticeable is late fall, when spiders seem to find a way to creep inside the warmth of your house. Then the...
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    People who like cats usually fantasize about having their own wild, exotic cat at home, such as lions, tigers, cougars, and even hybrid cats like the Savannah Cat...
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    A tarantula is the ideal pet for some people. With a little bit of background knowledge, you can have a great pet that is fairly easy to take care of and that is very...
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    Advice about purchasing a pet as a gift for the holidays.
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    There's no easy way to cope with the loss of a pet, nor should you try to bypass the natural grieving process. Always remember, you're not alone. Everyone...