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  • How To Care for a Teacup Chihuahua

    Teacup Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world, and they can be very easy to maintain.
  • How To Care for a Teacup Maltese

    Extra care is required if you have a Teacup Maltese because of its size. Here are a few things to remember when caring for this dog.
  • How To Check Your Dog for Ticks

    To protect your dog from several health risks, it is important to regularly check him for ticks. Here’s how you can do this.
  • How To Calm an Excited Puppy

    Calming an excited puppy starts with finding out why he is excited. The puppy may either be happy or scared.
  • How To Change a Tracking Collar Battery

    Different types and models or tracking collar have different batteries, but the way you change them are pretty much the same.
  • How To Choose a Dog Groomer

    For your dog, regular grooming is especially needed if its hair grows more than an inch long. In choosing a dog groomer, consider the following tips.
  • How To Care for an American Bulldog

    The American Bulldog comes from the line of the English Bulldog. It is a devoted pet who is loving and fearless.
  • How To Choose a Maltese Puppy

    If you are planning to take a Maltese puppy as a pet, you should choose the pups carefully since the Maltese can live up to fourteen years.
  • How To Calm your Jittery Dog

    If you are the owner of a jittery dog that panics at the slightest sound or jumps with the least provocation, try the following tips to calm your jittery canine.
  • How To Choose an Electric Dog Fence

    There are several things to consider before you make a purchase of your electric dog fence.
  • How To Break a Dog's Bad Habits

    Dogs can have bad habits that make your life with your pet dog miserable. Here’s how you can curb and break your dog’s bad habits.
  • How To Care for Your Dog's Paws

    Although your dog’s footpads are tough and hardy, they are still prone to irritants and injuries. Here are some tips in keeping your dog’s paws healthy.
  • How To Care for a Dog's Prostrate Problems

    It is important to understand the different kinds of a dog’s prostate problems in order for you to know the proper care and treatment for your buddy.
  • How To Care for Toy Breed Dogs

    Toy breed dogs are increasing in popularity, and their small size and adorable appearance make them perfect pets for apartment or in-house living.
  • How To Buy Dry Dog Food Storage Containers

    A good dry dog food storage container is important to keep dog food fresh and dry, and to keep it from insects such as ants and flies, as well as other pets in the house.
  • How To Make a Puppy Drink Water

    Compared to an adult dog, your puppy needs more water. This is because the puppy is still growing and requires more nutrition to be healthy.
  • How To Care for an American Foxhound

    If you are planning to become an owner of an American Foxhound, read on to find out how you should take care of one.
  • How To Buy an Effective Flea and Tick Treatment Kit

    Keeping your pets clear of fleas and ticks can be a problem. Moreover, purchasing the best treatment that will be safe for the pet and your family is a dilemma as well.
  • How To Calm your Dog During a Thunderstorm

    If your dog has not been desensitized to thunderstorms, then you should at least be able to calm him down.
  • How To Make a Luxury Dog Bed

    If you want to give your dog what he deserves, you can make him a luxury dog bed.
  • How To Care for an English Springer Spaniel

    English Springer Spaniels are medium sized dogs with distinct long ears. Caring for a Springer is not difficult but it is time consuming because they have long hair.
  • How To Care for a Dog after Surgery

    Make the recovery stage faster for your pet dog by caring for it after surgery. Here’s how.
  • How To Make Lactose Free Dog Food

    Preparing lactose free foods will definitely ensure that your dog is kept healthy and away from illnesses caused by intolerance to milk.
  • How To Make Cookies for Dogs

    If you want to pamper your dog and give him a treat, what you can do is to make dog cookies!
  • How To Buy a Dog Crate

    One essential item that you should buy if you have a dog in your home is a dog crate. A dog crate is useful for both you and your dog.
  • How To Make Homemade Diet Dog Food

    With the dog food recall that happened in 2007, many experts are now recommending turning to homemade diet dog foods instead of commercial dog foods.
  • How To Buy a Healthy English Bulldog Puppy

    It is advisable not to buy the first English bulldog puppy that you see. Just like shopping for the best gadget, it is best to look around and make a short list.
  • How To Buy Lead Free Pet Toys

    The wisest thing for a pet owner to do is to look into the same guidelines for children's lead-free toys in choosing toys for their pets.
  • How To Calculate the Due Date for a Pregnant Dog

    Even pregnant dogs need special care and attention, which begins by computing the expected due date for the dog.
  • How To Care for and Understand Your Dog

    If you have a dog, she will need nutritious food, clean water, safe and warm shelter, exercise, training, regular medical attention, fun activities and most of all,...
  • How To Make Chicken Flavored Dog Biscuits

    Here are the steps on how to make chicken flavored dog biscuits.
  • How To Buy Pet Leashes and Collars

    If you are getting a pet dog, you must get them the leash and collar, too. Here are some important tips you must consider before buying your pet's leashes and collars.
  • How To Make Healthy Dog Treats

    You can make dog treats in your own kitchen that are so much healthier than commercially available treats.
  • How To Buy a Pet Raccoon

    Here are some tips to help you where to buy one and how you can be a better pet raccoon owner.
  • How To Make a Silent Dog Whistle

    An effective way to catch a dog's attention is the use of a silent dog whistle, which is also known as a Galton’s Whistle.
  • How To Make Healthy Dog Food

    Here are some ideas to making a healthier, uncontaminated dog food for your four legged best friends.
  • How To Brush a Dog

    Taking care of your dog does not only mean giving him a bath everyday and feeding him. One of the things that you can do to make your dog happy is to brush his coat.
  • How To Bring a Second Dog into Your Home

    Not all dogs get along together easily. There are some things that you must consider and do when welcoming a new dog into your house.
  • How To Bring Home a New Puppy

    If it is your first time to bring home a new puppy, there are some things that you can do to make your puppy more comfortable in his new home.
  • How To Calm a Dog to Apply Ear Drops

    Even the nicest and most obedient of dogs can have fits when you have to give them ear drops. Ear drops are good for them, but they sure don’t like it.
  • How To Make Liver Dog Treats

    Liver treats are a favorite for dogs. Apart from the taste, liver dog treats are a great source of iron and other vitamins and minerals for the health of your pet.
  • How To Make Film Canister Dog Tags

    You can turn film canisters into belt buckles, key chains or jewelry, among other things. For this particular project, this guide is for making dog tags out of film...
  • How To Make Dog Biscuits

    To add a twist for your pet dog’s meals, you can make your own dog biscuits. These biscuits are also excellent treats for your pet as he undergoes obedience training.
  • How To Make Dog Steps

    Making steps for dogs can actually be done right in your own home. Here are the steps for making steps for dogs using a sturdy foam product.
  • How To Make Money Breeding Dogs

    Breeding dogs is not for the faint of heart. It’s like parenting. You don’t go into it blindly – though many people make this mistake and end up being terrible...
  • How To Build an Indoor Doghouse

    This article teaches you everything you will need to know to make an indoor doghouse or home for your dog.
  • How To Make a Scrunchy Dog Collar

    If you have ever made a scrunchy for yourself, you already know how to make a scrunchy dog collar! If you haven't, then follow these easy instructions.
  • How To Build a Dog Kennel Concrete Floor

    A concrete floor for a dog kennel will be 3-1/2” thick aggregate mix, and when finished the concrete will have 1-5/8” diameter galvanized posts along the outer edge.
  • How To Bring Up a Puppy

    There are some things that you can do in order for you to bring up a puppy that will be both healthy and active. You do not necessarily need a trainer.
  • How To Make Deodorant Powder for Dogs

    Keeping pets clean, tidy, healthy and good-smelling does not require much, if you know how to make your own dog deodorant powder.