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  • How To Apply Spot Flea and Tick Liquid on Dogs

    There are two brands of good tick and flea liquid spot-on for dogs. Both are applied in the same way and both are effective ways to eradicate and control parasites.
  • How To Make Barrel Dog Houses

    If you want a house that you can customize to fit the needs and personality of your dog – as well as your own tastes – a barrel dog house is for you.
  • How To Make a Seat Belt for Your Dog

    If you travel a lot or if you want to transport your pet safely, you need to fit your car with a seat belt designed specifically for your dog.
  • How To Make a Belly Band for a Male Dog

    Nowadays, the most popular solution being used to avoid and redirect a dog’s urine is by use of a belly band. You can consider the belly band as a diaper for a male...
  • How To Assist with a Puppy Birth

    Though dogs normally give birth on their own, it is helpful if you assist with a puppy birth, especially if your dog has experienced difficulties during past deliveries.
  • How To Assess Pack Drive in a Dog

    Pack drive makes a dog want to belong to a group, may it be other dogs or humans who have him as a pet. Here is how to assess the strength of your dog’s pack drive.
  • How To Make a Rottweiler Good with Children

    With a large and muscular build, a grown up Rottweiler can be a very intimidating sight. Keeping a Rottweiler in a household that has kids, however, is not impossible.
  • How To Build a Cheap Dog Kennel

    What stops many people from building a dog kennel is that it can be rather expensive. Fortunately, it’s easy to build a cheap dog kennel on your own.
  • How To Build a Dog Jump

    Building a dog jump may be the most inexpensive way to agility train. Agility training teaches dog obedience and helps keep them in shape.
  • How To Approach a Dog

    Isn’t it baffling when you try to approach an unfamiliar dog and then it growls at you? So how do you approach a dog without trying to infuriate it? Here are some...
  • How To Befriend a Stray Dog

    If the animal seems aggressive, exercise extreme caution, and remember that maybe it’s not such a great idea now to befriend this particular stray dog.
  • How To Avoid Common Mistakes when Raising a Puppy

    Raising a puppy can be fun and challenging. Still, there are many things you should know before attempting to bring a new family member into the home.
  • How To Care for Multiple Dogs

    If you have recently added a dog to your household which already had one or more dogs, you may be concerned about how to care for multiple dogs.
  • How To Avoid Spoiling a Dog

    Dogs are loyal, loving companions and human masters often misread this love and loyalty as a need for spoiling that does not enhance the life of their beloved pets.
  • How To Make a Grooming Table for a Dog

    Why spend more money? Making your own grooming table for a dog can be a fairly easy task and can make grooming your dog much easier in the future.
  • How To Adopt a Yorkie

    You want to adopt a Yorkie. You’re now overwhelmed about where to even start your look. Or maybe you have looked, but still feel lost. There are so many different...
  • How To Get Your Dog to Bark Less

    We are disadvantaged if we do not speak, Bark. It is an intricate language of its own, and much like ours, is designed to ask, express and defend.
  • How To Use a Gentle Leader Collar

    The best ways to maximize the potential of dogs is to train them. Fancy dog collars such as a gentle leader collar and leader harness are the best tools to help you.
  • How To Locate an Underground Pet Fence

    Finding an underground pet fence whose location you've forgotten can be tricky, though there are some hints that can help you locate it.
  • How To Support an Animal Rights Group

    Animal rights group firmly believe in the equal rights of animals. If you believe in their cause, then why not support an animal rights group?
  • How To Find an Animal Adoption Agency

    Animal adoption agencies serve many purposes. Learn how you can find the perfect agency for surrendering or adopting a pet.
  • How To Tell if Dog Toys Are Safe or Unsafe

    Dog owners need to be aware of what types of dog toys are safe and unsafe before purchasing them as gifts for their furry friends.
  • How To Kill Fleas with Dish Detergent

    Fleas are bad for pets and also invade homes and pass diseases. Kill fleas using dish detergent; read the tip for keeping the pests away from your pet's head.
  • How To Know if a Dog Is Stressed

    Determining if your dog is stressed is difficult due to changes in behaviors or sometimes, no behavioral changes at all. Read ideas to help decide if your dog is...
  • How To Decide on an Invisible Fence

    An invisible fence can be a good solution to keep your pets in your yard. Read information to help you decide if an invisible fence is a good choice for your pet.
  • How To Know When Your Puppy Has to Pee

    Puppies don't understand why they should pee outside rather than on your expensive rug. Learn to recognize the signs of your puppy needing to head outside.
  • How To Know if You're Ready for a Puppy

    Puppies are not only adorable, they are a lot of work. Read this article to help you think through if you are ready for a puppy or if your family should wait.
  • How To Keep Cats and Dogs off Your Furniture

    Cats and dogs both make great pets, but they can certainly be a handful, especially if you're having trouble training them. Use these steps to keep your pets off of...
  • How To Keep Fleas off Dogs

    For your dog, a flea infestation is not only annoying, but also painful. Here's how to keep fleas off dogs.
  • How To Keep Male Dogs from Peeing on Furniture

    No matter your dog's age or how well trained he is, there is always a chance that he may pick up the bad habit of peeing on furniture. Here's how to keep male dogs...
  • How To Keep Outside Dogs Comfortable in Bad Weather

    During the winter, it is critical that you ensure your pet's safety. Here's how to keep outside dogs comfortable in bad weather.
  • How To Keep Pets from Staining Leather Furniture

    Dealing with pet stains can be a very tricky problem, as they are notoriously difficult to remove. Use this article for some helpful tips to help you remove pet stains...
  • How To Keep Your Dog from Drinking too Fast

    Drinking too fast is not good for a dog's health. This article will give you some suggestions to help your dog drink his water more slowly.
  • How To Keep Your Dog Calm and Happy

    It is important to be able to keep you dog calm and happy; dogs in general have high energy levels that may seem abnormal to humans.
  • How To Keep Your Dog from Getting Pregnant

    It is possible to keep your dog from getting pregnant if you have decided you don't want to breed her. Read this article for more information, regardless of your choice.
  • How To Keep Your Dog Safe on Nighttime Walks

    Learn precautions to keep your dog safe on nighttime walks at any time of year.
  • How To Make a Dog Bed

    Making a dog bed is a quick and easy sewing project, and is the best way to create a perfect bed for your furry friend.
  • How To Make a Care Sheet for a Yorkie Puppy

    A care sheet for a Yorkie puppy provides information to ensure the puppy is healthy and also provides a record of the puppy's health at the time of sale.
  • How To Find Reviews for Your Animal Clinic

    Customer reviews can make or break a business; you need to know what your customers are saying. Learn how you can find reviews for your animal clinic.
  • How To Introduce a Puppy to Your Other Pets

    Bringing a new puppy home should be a time to celebrate, but if you've got other dogs in residence, there's always at least a little anxiety and trepidation involved.
  • How To Make a Dog Lounge Pad

    Making a dog lounge pad is easier than you think and it can be done within a couple of minutes. Follow these steps for a homemade canine lounge pad.
  • How To Make a Dog Car Seat and Seat Belt

    Learn how to make a dog car seat and seat belt by using items you may already have, saving you from spending money on the commercial ones.
  • How To Keep Your Cats and Dogs from Fighting

    There wouldn't be a reason for the expression, “fighting like cats and dogs” unless cats and dogs really did fight. Here's how to stop your cats and dogs from...
  • How To Deal with Canine Eye Odor

    Pekingese, Pug, Havanese and other toy breed owners will understand exactly what bacteria growth from eye secretions can smell like. With this guide you will learn how...
  • How To Do Clicker Training for Dogs

    For your favorite dog, man’s best friend, clicker training is actually possible.
  • How To Make a Dog Vomit Using Hydrogen Peroxide

    Although using hydrogen peroxide to make your dog vomit is safe, only do so if necessary.
  • How To Add a Dog to the Pack

    If you're thinking about getting another dog, use these tips to learn how to introduce new dogs to your current pack.
  • How To Make a Doggie Door More Secure

    Although useful, a doggie door also poses some strong security issues. This article has a few short tips on how to make a doggie door more secure.
  • How To Make Homemade Dog Shampoo

    Hiring a professional groomer for your dog is expensive; you can do it yourself and save some money. Begin by learning how to make homemade dog shampoo.
  • How To Deal with a Tick Infestation

    To be safe from the ailments that ticks cause, it's best to have yourself and your family aware of how to prevent a tick infestation. Here are some tips on how to deal...