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  • Top 5 Benefits Of Cannabis For Cats

    CBD oil products for pets are becoming the paw-fect option for relieving your cat's pain. In fact, hemp-based CBD products for pets are projected to reach $125 million...
  • How To Play with a Kitten

    Playing with your kittens performs a crucial role in the development of their motor skills, social behavior, and personality. As such, you must put careful attention...
  • How To Take Care of Newborn Kittens & a Mother Cat

    Post-natal care for your feline pets is very important, as this will ensure the health and safety of the mother and the kittens. If properly cared for, any infection,...
  • How To Stop Your Cat From Jumping On The Counter

    Naturally, cats like to climb and stay on high places most of the time. Kitchen counters are very suitable candidates especially if you keep food and water unguarded...
  • How To Stop Cats from Using the Yard as a Litterbox

    If the neighborhood cats seem to have deemed your yard as their public bathroom, it can be very frustrating. Since you won’t always be around to shoo the cats away,...
  • How To Stop a Male Cat from Spraying

    Expect your cat to develop a very nasty habit. When it begins hunting for a mate, it is going to spray. This distinct behavior allows your cat to define and claim its...
  • How To Stop a Cat from Scratching Furniture

    Scratching comes as a natural instinct for cats. It is their way of asserting themselves, of identifying the places they have been to. Moreover, scratching is also...
  • How To Use Revolution for Cats

    Revolution is an FDA-approved topical medication for dogs and cats, and it effectively fights against fleas, ear mites, roundworms and hookworms, and prevents...
  • How To Treat Diarrhea in Cats

    While cats may be known to have nine lives, they are not impervious to some of the most common diseases that plague both the feline and human kingdoms. Take diarrhea...
  • How To Treat a Cat's Worms

    Because cats, by nature outdoor foragers, are looking for food on the ground and trying to consume them, it is not a surprise that they can pick up parasites while...
  • How To Tell the Difference between Fleas, Ticks and Mites

    If you have a cat, you need to watch out for fleas, ticks and mites that may infect your pet. These will affect its health as it sucks blood and nutrients from your...
  • How To Reduce Litter Box Odor

    Having a pet cat or any pet for that matter can be quite a lot of work. You have to feed, bathe, and clean your pet’s cage so that it does not get too dirty and...
  • How To Safely Trim Long-Hair Cats

    Part of grooming a cat with long-hair is trimming the hair. Some long-hair cat owners trim the hair because of the matted mess that it has turned into. Others trim the...
  • How To Rid Your Kitty of Dandruff

    If you think only humans are prone to dandruff, then you are wrong. Cats are also susceptible to having dandruff on their fur. Although it does not pose as a direct...
  • How To Prevent Hairballs and Vomiting for Your Cat

    Garfield had it often so your cat should too. Yes, a cat vomiting hairballs is a common occurrence. That said if your cat hurls, do not panic as it is perfectly...
  • How To Manage a Cat’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Stress and poor diet can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome in your cat. Here are some ways to avoid the condition and keep your pet healthy.
  • How To Make Cheap Cat Toys

    Love to watch your cat have fun? Get the tips you need to make inexpensive toys for your beloved pet. Here's how to make cheap cat toys.
  • How To Make a Kitten Scratching Post

    Teach your kitten the right scratching habits from the start with these plans for a kitten scratching post.
  • How To Make a Homemade Cat Bed

    These instructions for a homemade cat bed will offer your pet a comfortable place of its very own.
  • How To Build a Cat Condo

    Offer your cat or cats a place to call their own in comfort and security with these plans to build a cat condo.
  • How To Build Cat Trees

    Rather than scold your cat for scratching, offer it the perfect cat scratching post with these plans to build cat trees.
  • How To Keep Litter Out of Your Cat's Paws

    Do you have cats or kittens? Find tips for preventing litter tracking and scattering in your house. Here’s how to keep litter out of your cat's paws.
  • How To Help a Cat Adjust to a New Home

    Are you moving or getting a new kitty? Find tips to help cats and kittens get used to new homes. Here’s how to help a cat adjust to a new home.
  • How To Train Kittens

    Kittens are adorable, but they're also a handful of trouble until you take steps to train kittens for proper pet behavior in the home!
  • How To Exercise an Indoor Cat

    Need help exercising a cat? Use these cat health tips to take care of your kitty. Here's how to exercise an indoor cat.
  • How To Control Cat Litter Box Odor

    Do your friends know you have cats? Get tips on keeping away the litter smell. Here's how to control cat litter box odor.
  • How To Identify and Treat Feline Anemia

    Need help caring for a cat? Get tips on taking care of a cat with feline anemia. Here's how to identify and treat feline anemia.
  • How To Prevent Your Cat from Urinating Everywhere

    If your cat has incontinence, urinary infections, or engages in certain behaviors you may find your cat urinating everywhere inside and outside the house.
  • How To Identify & Treat Feline Ear Mites

    If you have children at home it is essential that all the pets are free of parasites and diseases. Learn here how to identify and treat feline ear mites.
  • How To Identify and Treat Feline Parasites

    Your pet cat, particularly an outdoor cat, can be at risk of collecting parasites. Follow these pet care tips to identify and treat feline parasites of all kinds.
  • How To Identify & Treat Feline Worms

    Follow these pet care steps to identify and treat feline worms and prevent the worm infection from spreading to your family and children.
  • How To Make a Sisal Rope Scratching Post for a Cat

    Cats naturally love to scratch. If you don't let your kitty out to scratch on trees, but you don't want her tearing up the couch, build her a scratching post of her own.
  • How To Build a Cat Shelter

    As the dog has its doghouse, your outdoor cat or feral cats in your area can enjoy a cat shelter that you build from these simple plans.
  • How To Apply Soft Paws to Your Cat's Claws

    Soft Paws can cover your cat's claws and help you to protect your floors, furniture, and your own skin in a humane way that avoids declawing.
  • How To Treat Cat Cancer with Flaxseed

    One very promising natural approach to treat cat cancer is to introduce flaxseed and flaxseed oil into your cat's diet.
  • How To Get Rid of Cat Odor Naturally

    Cats are loving pets and don’t need much maintenance, but sometimes they can affect how your home smells. Learn how to naturally get rid of cat odor.
  • How To Stop Your Cat from Shedding Hair

    Does your cat shed hair? Stop your cat from shedding with these tips to prevent shedding cat hair. Here's how to stop your cat from shedding hair.
  • How To Read Your Cat's Tail Movements

    Your cat’s tail movements tell so much about what it is feeling, and you only need to read what it is your cat is trying to tell you.
  • How To Punish a Cat for Peeing on Carpet

    If your cat has been peeing on your carpet one too many times, here are some ways to punish your cat and deal with the situation.
  • How To Prevent Worms in Cats

    Worms in your pet cat are dangerous for your pet's health and for your family as well. Take a few steps to prevent worms in your cats.
  • How To Prevent Sinus Infections in Your Cat

    Sinus infection can be troublesome both to you and your cat. And while it can be treated, it is much better to prevent it from occurring.
  • How To Deal with a Cat’s Runny Eyes

    You may be surprised to see that your cat will have wet eyes, as if he has been crying. Here’s how to deal with a cat’s runny eyes.
  • How To Make the Best Homemade Kitty Litter

    This is an easy, inexpensive way to make a great homemade kitty litter. This litter is good for the environment, healthier for your kitty and easy on your pocketbook.
  • How To Medicate Your Cat With a Pill

    The task for you is to pry open the cat’s mouth and pop that pill in. Are you up to it? Here’s how to medicate your cat with a pill.
  • How To Care for a Needy Indoor Cat

    eedy indoor cats are sometimes annoying. But you can’t help but to feel sad seeing your cat meowing helplessly as if it needs even a little portion of your love.
  • How To Care for a Feral Cat Colony

    Caring for a feral cat colony is a commitment to make. You have to know the responsibilities and the risks that come with it.
  • How To Care for an Elderly Indoor Male Tabby

    Now that your indoor tabby has reached the twilight of his life, give him back the love and attention he deserves. Be patient with him and treat him kindly.
  • How To Make Homemade Cat Food

    You no longer have to visit the nearest grocery store to buy cat food. You can make and prepare it yourself. Read on and learn how!
  • How To Care for a Cat in Cold Weather

    Once you start feeling the cold winds of winter, it’s time to limit your cat’s forays outside the house. Winter's cold weather is not for cats, even with...
  • How To Make Friends with a Stray Cat

    Though dangerous, making friends with a stray cat is possible. It only needs the right timing and a gentle approach. Here are some tips on how to befriend a stray cat.