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  • How To Buy a Fancy Food Dish for a Cat

    Is your cat a bit bored when eating? Perhaps its food dish is not that appetizing. You can increase your cat's appetite by switching to a fancy food dish.
  • How To Breed Cats

    Cat breeding is not that easy. There are several processes involved and some can be costly. There are many things to be considered before you start breeding cats.
  • How To Make Flea Shampoo for Cats

    If you don’t really feel comfortable using commercially available flea shampoo for your cat, you can make your own and ensure the shampoo you are going to use is safe.
  • How To Board a Cat While on Vacation

    In times when you need to be separated, finding a good boarding place for your cat needs to be done with caution and practicality.
  • How To Make Cat Food

    Try these home made cat food recipes that don’t scrimp on the nutrition and will definitely keep your cats healthy and robust.
  • How To Buy a Jingle Ball for a Cat

    Cats are pretty independent animals and they can play by themselves, but you have to provide them with some support in that department. Jingle balls are common choices.
  • How To Care of Your Cat's Paws

    Part of being a responsible cat owner is to check your cat’s paws. Red swollen paws, obsessive cleaning, limping or favoring one paw are signs of paw problems.
  • How To Build an Inexpensive Cat Condo

    There are some easy and efficient ways to build a cat condo. If you follow these steps you will be able to build a cat condo for just a few dollars in supplies.
  • How To Make Liver Treats for Cats

    Giving your cat a homemade liver treat is one way to break the monotony of constant cat food.
  • How To Make Baked Treats for Your Cat

    If you want to give your cat something special, homemade baked treats are one of the healthy and inexpensive options for your cat.
  • How To Build a Litter Box for Multiple Cats

    Who wants to have a litter box in every room of their house? However, if you have multiple cats, not having a satisfactory box could result in the cat marking outside...
  • How To Build a Cat Tree House

    Cats, by nature, love to climb and explore. They also have a need to scratch. A cat tree house is the perfect place for your cat to satisfy these needs.
  • How To Build a Cat Window Box

    The instructions on how to build a cat window box are pretty simple, and it will allow the cat to perch himself up on the window sill without in fact being in the window.
  • How To Build a Cat Play House

    The first thing to think about when building a cat play house is whether your cat is an indoor cat, an outdoor cat or both and where you will build its new home.
  • How To Keep Your Cat's Litter Box Odor Free

    Some cats will refuse to use a smelly litter box. It is important to keep your cat’s litter box odor free and clean at all times.
  • How To Kill Fleas with Dish Detergent

    Fleas are bad for pets and also invade homes and pass diseases. Kill fleas using dish detergent; read the tip for keeping the pests away from your pet's head.
  • How To Know if Your Cat Has Thyroid Problems

    Thyroid problems are extremely common in older cats, particularly those that are nine or older. Learn the signs that may indicate your cat has thyroid problems.
  • How To Know if Your Cat Has Worms

    Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it can get worms. Fleas can pass worms to your cat. Read ways to determine if your cat has worms.
  • How To Keep Cats and Dogs off Your Furniture

    Cats and dogs both make great pets, but they can certainly be a handful, especially if you're having trouble training them. Use these steps to keep your pets off of...
  • How To Prevent Cats from Catching Birds

    Every year, millions of wild birds are tragically killed by pet cats. Here's how to keep cats from catching birds.
  • How To Keep Fleas off Cats

    If you cat has fleas, it can be a big problem. Fleas on your pets can mean flea bites on your family. Here's how to keep fleas off cats.
  • How To Deal with a Tick Infestation

    To be safe from the ailments that ticks cause, it's best to have yourself and your family aware of how to prevent a tick infestation. Here are some tips on how to deal...
  • How To Make your Pet Litter Box

    Here is a simple guide to cheaply making a cat litter box, with all-natural ingredients, for your pet at home.
  • How To Find Healthy Canned Cat Food

    Here's how to find healthy canned cat food for your feline companions.
  • How To Identify a Chartreux Cat

    The Chartreux cat is a unique breed of cat. Use these tips to help you identify a Chartreux cat.
  • How To Deal with a Paralyzed Cat

    Paralyzed cats require a high level of care, and they require an owner who will be patient and devoted to their needs. Here's how to deal with a paralyzed cat.
  • How To Treat Whisker Damage in Cats

    Cats depend on their whiskers for much of their sensory information. Here's how to treat whisker damage in cats.
  • How To Treat a Dehydrated Cat

    For cats, dehydration requires immediate care, and sometimes even a vet visit. Here's how to treat a dehydrated cat.
  • How To Treat Cat Conjunctivitis

    If your cat's eyes look like they have developed pink eye, here's how to treat cat conjunctivitis.
  • How To Keep Your Cat from Killing Birds

    Cats are naturally inclined to watch, stalk and try to catch any prey they see, such as the birds in your backyard. Here's how to keep your cat from killing birds.
  • How To Make a Catnip Toy

    Did you know that you can make a great catnip toy using just a scrap of material and some dried catnip?
  • How To Give Cats Oral Medication

    Medicating cats can be tricky, as many cats absolutely hate any kind of medication. There are a few ways to give cats oral medication.
  • How To Keep Cats From Catching Birds

    Yearly, lots of birds are killed by pet cats. If you don't want your cat to kill your backyard birds, take these steps to protect the birds from him.
  • How To Treat a Cat with Seizures

    Did you know that cats can have seizures? Seizures in cats are usually caused by epilepsy or a brain tumor. Learn to treat a cat with seizures.
  • How To Check the Respiratory Rate of Cats

    To check the respiratory rate of your cats, all you need is a watch with a second hand or a stopwatch. You may also need a tissue or a mirror.
  • How To Bell a Cat

    Belling your cat will alert animals and people to your cat's presence and make will make him easier to find. Here's how to bell a cat.
  • How To Feed Orphaned Kittens

    Feeding orphaned kittens is difficult, but if you want orphaned kittens to survive it may be your only option.
  • How To Understand Differences between Cat and Kitten Food

    Here's how to understand more about the food your cat requires; kittens and adult cats have different nutritional needs for their diet.
  • How To Calm Down a Cat

    The causes are quite varied, but no matter the reason, you’ll need to help your cat calm down.
  • How To Keep a Cat out of a Crib

    Some foolproof ideas to keep family pet cat out of your new baby's crib.
  • How To Treat Cat Depression

    If you have noticed that your cat has no appetite, sleeps more than usual, or has other recent changes, it may be depressed. Learn how to treat cat depression.
  • How To Protect Your Cat from the Vacuum Cleaner

    Many cats are afraid of the vacuum due to the loud noise or sucking action. Read these tips for protecting your cat and easing its fears of the vacuum cleaner.
  • How To Deal with an Aggressive Cat

    When dealing with an aggressive cat, the first step is to identify the trigger. Read more tips on helping your cat overcome aggressive behavior.
  • How To Get a Cat to Stop Hissing

    Hissing is one of a cat's natural instincts in dangerous or scary situations, but it can be quite annoying for a pet owner. Here are tips to get your cat to stop hissing.
  • How To Get a Cat into a Pet Carrier

    Every cat will have to take a ride in a pet carrier at least a few times in their life. Here's how to get a cat into a pet carrier without either of you getting hurt.
  • How To Freshen Your Cat's Breath

    When a cat has bad breath, you must first treat any underlying causes with the vet; then follow this guide to freshen your cat's breath.
  • How To Feed a Cat that Has Hepatic Lipidosis

    Hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease, is a serious condition that must be treated immediately by a vet. Read these tips on how to feed your cat through the...
  • How To Grow Cat Grass

    Cat grass or pet grass is usually wheat berries, though other varieties of grass can also be grown for your cat's enjoyment. Learn to grow cat grass.
  • How To Treat Cat Acne

    Cats can get acne too! Learn how to treat a cat for acne in your own home.
  • How To Identify a Russian Blue Cat

    An elegant cat favored by Russian and English royalty, learn how to identify the Russian Blue cat.