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  • How To Identify a Norwegian Forest Cat

    Learn how to identify the Norwegian Forest Cat; a gentle cat which loves to hunt.
  • How To Identify a Devon Rex Cat

    The Devon Rex cat is known for its active and playful personality. Here's how to identify a genuine Devon Rex cat.
  • How To Make Organic Cat Food

    Everyone's going organic - why not your cat too? Find out how to make organic cat food for your beloved pet.
  • How To Treat a Cat for Matted Fur

    Use these tips to learn how to prevent or treat matted fur on your cat.
  • How To Train a Cat for a Show

    The preparations for showing a cat start nearly from the time the cat is born. If your pedigreed cat is a good candidate for showing, here's how to train a cat for a...
  • How To Identify a Balinese Cat

    Balinese cats are a breed similar to the Siamese. They are popular in cat shows, where they are known for their grace and poise. Here's how to identify a Balinese cat.
  • How To Identify a Bombay Cat

    Bombay cats have a rather exotic appearance that has been compared to that of a panther. Here's how to identify a Bombay cat.
  • How To Select a Himalayan

    The Himalayan is known for its uniquely flat face when compared to other cat breeds. It looks similar to a Persian cat, but has the coat colors of a Siamese cat.
  • How To Select a Siamese

    The elegant Siamese cat has beautiful blue eyes. In ancient Siam, this cat was considered royalty, and according to legend they received the souls of humans when they...
  • How To Select a British Shorthair

    The British Shorthair is a wonderful and loving cat breed that makes a great pet. They do not require specialized grooming and are easy to care for.
  • How To Select a Burmese

    A Burmese is a cat breed that is medium-sized and muscular. This unusual breed makes an excellent pet. Here's how to select a Burmese.
  • How To Select a Maine Coon

    The Maine Coon breed is known for being rugged and hardy. Here's how to select a Maine coon.
  • How To Select an Egyptian Mau

    Here are some tips on selecting an Egyptian Mau.
  • How To Treat Feline Fatty Liver Disease

    This article discusses the symptoms, ways to diagnose, treatment, and prognosis for Feline Fatty Liver Disease. There are also some tips to prevent this illness.
  • How To Get Rid of Mats in Your Cat's Fur

    Mats are tangles in your cat’s hair. Removing them takes time and patience, but it must be done, because mats can become painful and lead to skin irritation or even...
  • How To Scruff a Cat

    Properly scruffing a cat does take some knowledge. Rather than “practicing” scruffing your cat, learn how to scruff your cat properly before you even attempt it.
  • How To Choose Cat Flea and Tick Control

    There are many Flea and Tick Control options for cats available online through online veterinarians and online pet pharmacies, yet which one to choose?
  • Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks on Cats: Flea Control

    Getting rid of fleas and ticks on cats is quite easy when you know the right way. If you follow these instructions, you will be sure to easily kill all cat fleas and...
  • How To Bottle-Feed a Newborn Kitten

    If you are caring for a motherless newborn kitten, the most challenging step is feeding, because you'll need to use a bottle. Here's how to bottle-feed a newborn kitten.
  • How To Determine the Sex of a Kitten

    Kittens are soft bundles of cuteness when they're born. And boy or girl, you just want to let them snuggle close to you. But if you're considering taking a kitten home...
  • How To Human-Proof a Cat House

    Cats and kittens, listen up! You've been brought into a human house but now it's yours. Claim your kitty domain by following this guide on how to human-proof your cat...
  • How To Find Pet Costumes

    Every major holiday is a chance to dress up your pet in the most festive of colors. Here are some tips to find pet costumes.
  • How To Tell a Cat's Approximate Age

    Often, when you adopt a cat or find a stray, you won’t be exactly sure how old the cat is. If you have just gotten a new cat and are curious about your cat’s age,...
  • How To Travel with Your Cat by Plane

    Traveling with and taking your cat on an airplane may require preparations and considerations that might not have crossed your mind.
  • How To Remove Cat Urine Odor from Laundry

    If you own a cat, the chances are good that at some point your cat has mistaken, or will mistake, your pile of laundry for a litter box. Hopefully he or she will get...
  • How To Discourage Kitty's Bad Behavior

    It's important to discourage your cat's bad behavior quickly, whether it involves the litter box, jumping on countertops, scratching couches, or any bad behavior.
  • How To Convert Cat's Age to Human Years

    Converting your cat's age to human years can be a good way to understand your cat's development. Cats do not live as long as humans, in part because they are smaller...
  • How To Train Your Kitten to Cover His Poop

    It is among a cat's natural instincts, your cat is supposed to cover his poop, but when this behavior doesn't happen, you can teach it to your kitten.
  • How To Help Your Cat Through a Move

    During a move, keeping your cat calm and feeling secure will help them transition to their new home.
  • How To Travel Safely with a Cat

    Traveling with your cat is possible if you prepare for the trip in advance. Learn what to have available so your pet will travel well by car or air.
  • How To Help Cats Who Are Afraid of Guests and Strangers

    Cats have always been territorial animals. They always see their home as a sanctuary which no one else can trespass. So if ever you bring guests over to your place,...
  • How To Tame a Feral Cat

    Feral cats are cats that have lived in the wild entirely, typically since birth. Some are cats that might have been abandoned by their owners or cats that got lost and...
  • How To Train Your House Cat

    Whether you’ve found it on the streets, it strayed to your house, given by a friend or purchased at your local pet store, you would be relieved to know that YES,...
  • How To Keep Cats off Counters

    “Help! I can’t keep my cat off my kitchen counter!” Sounds familiar?
  • Build a Cat Enclosure

    A cat enclosure is the perfect solution to allow your cats to enjoy the outdoors, yet they are also being kept in a safe environment away from busy roads and other...
  • Stop Cat Licking

    Cat licking is a problem with some felines and not others. Some of the factors that may cause this behavior are: excessive grooming, or just being a slightly immature...
  • Buy the Best Cat Treats

    With so many cats as pets today, you'll find so many brands of cat treats it will make your head spin. Whether you are looking for treats for your own cat, family or...
  • How To Treat a Constipated Kitten: Find Relief for Constipation

    Kittens are much like human babies in respect to their little digestive systems that are still developing after they are born and are not yet fully functional. Because...
  • Choose the Right Cat Food

    As a cat owner, you understand that you must choose the right cat food in order for your feline to be in good health. However, you also know that while you may choose...
  • Treat Cat Constipation

    Treating cat constipation can be easy to do if not caused by a more serious condition. If you notice that your cat has a lack of bowel movements, is lethargic, or has...
  • Treat Flea Bites on Your Cat

    Is your cat scratching obsessively? She or he might have fleas. Fleas not only feed on your cat's blood, but on yours, too. Here are some easy, effective ways to treat...
  • How To Deal with Hairballs

    Cats are known for their soft fur, but his fur can result in hairballs. Cats groom themselves using their tongues, and as a result they ingest the dead, loose hair....
  • Make A Pirate Cat Costume

    There are many cat costumes available for you to purchase, but why not pick up a simple pattern and create your own. When you make a pirate cat costume you have more...
  • Care for Ragdoll Cats

    The ragdoll cat is unique in its personality where as another cats can give one the impression they are solitary individuals dictating when and where they want you to...
  • How To Care For Feline Teeth

    As a pet owner, it is important to keep your pet healthy and happy. Many people overlook dental health when caring for their cat, but this is actually one of the most...
  • How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree

    It’s an age-old problem; how do you get your cat out of your tree? While many people might have the first instinct to call the fire department, that’s actually not...
  • How To Keep Your Cat From Scratching Your Stuff

    The bottom line is that cats scratch. They have claws and it's in their nature to scratch. They scratch to sharpen their claws and to leave their scent behind. When...
  • How To Select a Name for Your Pet

    Selecting a name for your pet is a huge responsibility. If you're struggling to find the perfect name for the latest member of your family, follow these steps and...
  • How To Introduce Two Cats in Your Home

    When introducing two cats to each other the challenge can be met with hisses and swats if done incorrectly. Usually the cat who has already been living in the home has...
  • How To Make a Cat Door to the Basement

    This explains how to make a simple, effective cat door for access to and from your basement. A cat door is simply a hole cut through the basement stairway door, fitted...