Owning or watching birds can be fun and entertaining. If you’d like to learn what your pet bird needs to be happy – whether you have a parakeet or a macaw – you can find the answers here; if you’d rather hang out in the woods or the park and chart the birds you see, we can help you with that, too. Many people who enjoy bird watching choose to engage in this activity during the seasons of migration due to the large number of birds migrating at that time, but our articles can help you choose the best times for bird watching in your area. Bird watching is a hobby that anyone can enjoy, from the famously dedicated such as John James Audubon to the fifth grader who has a homework assignment to catalog local bird species.

Our articles also cover any and all aspects of owning a pet bird. Learn how to keep birds healthy in your home, which bird species need to have companions in captivity, how to breed finches, and more. If your bird’s diet needs a little variety, you can learn here which foods are best to add to different species’ food bowls; you can also find out which types of toys are the best for each type of bird and when it’s okay to have other pets in the house with a pet bird. The authors who write our articles are all experts or experienced bird owners or bird watchers, and they have a wealth of advice on nearly every topic concerning birds.

More Birds Articles

  • How To Teach a Quaker Parrot to Talk

    Quaker parrots may be smaller but their ability to talk is better than those of the larger parrots. They are very sociable birds, not to mention very intelligent....
  • How To Teach a Pet Cockatiel to Talk

    Cockatiels are part of a group of birds (which includes parrots) that have the ability to mimic human speech. If you have a pet cockatiel, or if you plan to get one,...
  • How To Teach a Parrot to Talk

    Parrots are natural talkers. They easily pick up words to the delight of many pet owners. Although most parrots have the ability to produce sounds like human speech,...
  • How To Raise African Grey Parrots

    African grey parrots are a very interesting pet to keep. They are very intelligent and they can have very strong and very unique personalities. Some even consider...
  • How To Make Your Own Bird Toys at Home

    If you have pet birds at home, you may have seen how these creatures can become picky with their toys. You may have experienced buying a pricey toy for them and then...
  • How To Make Decorative Birdhouses

    Birds love staying in a friendly sanctuary. And if you wish to make your backyard or your home garden as a safe refuge for birds, all you have to do is to place some...
  • How To Make a Bird Cage Cover

    Birds need about twelve hours of sleep but they are also sensitive to too much light. Here are the steps on how to make a bird cage cover.
  • How To Make a Peanut Butter Log for Birds

    Want to feed the birds? This peanut butter treat will keep your feathered friends going. Here's how to make a peanut butter log for birds.
  • How To Make a Suet Bird Feeder

    Love to watch the birds in your yard? This feeder will really attract your feathered friends. Here's how to make a suet bird feeder.
  • How To Keep Birds Away from your Home

    If you would rather go bird watching from afar instead of in your garden, here are ways to keep birds away from your property.
  • How To Help an Egg Bound Pet Bird

    Do you have a hen that's egg bound? Calling a vet is best, but these tips may help. Here's how to help an egg bound pet bird.
  • How To Clean Pigeon Droppings

    Handling pigeon droppings properly is a necessity. Improper handling and disposal can lead to serious illness. Here is how to clean pigeon droppings.
  • How To Treat a Sick Parrot

    Birds need particular care to maintain and restore their health, and if you have a sick parrot you will want to take certain steps to treat your pet.
  • How To Start an Aviary

    There are many things to consider and two design categories to choose from when you decide to start an aviary and extend your love of birds.
  • How To Hang a Mealworm Feeder

    People keep mealworm feeders near their homes to attract birds, enticing them to nest in the vicinity. Learn the best way to hang a mealworm feeder.
  • How To Train a Budgie to Talk

    Want to get your budgie bird to talk? Use these bird training tips and get budgies talking. Here's how to train a budgie to talk.
  • How To Get Rid of Nesting Swallows

    If you understand their behaviour and habits, you will be on the way to getting rid of nesting swallows which can be a pest in the Spring.
  • How To Take Care of a Pigeon

    Pigeons make entertaining pets and can be great to race as homing pigeons, but pigeons will need proper care, feeding, and shelter.
  • How To Ship a Bird

    You can ship most any bird you purchase or would like to move with, even to foreign countries, if you follow these steps and regulations.
  • How To Scare Away Birds with Old CDs

    Your old CDs are still valuable. You can still use them to scare away birds and keep your lush garden crops from being pestered.
  • How To Raise Peacocks

    Learn tips and tricks to raising healthy, happy and well-mannered peacocks with beautiful plumage.
  • How To Paint a Bird House

    If you’re looking to find out how to best paint a bird house, here are some handy tips to help you out.
  • How To Choose an Acrylic Bird Cage

    Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you’re picking out the acrylic bird cage for your pet.
  • How To Care for a Lorikeet

    If you are really dedicated to taking care for this beautiful parrot, then there’s no stopping you from befriending a lorikeet.
  • How To Buy a Finch Feeder

    A finch feeder attracts finches of different colors, sizes, and kinds. Even non-finch kinds of birds can be attracted if your house has an attractive finch feeder.
  • How To Calculate the Cost of Adopting a Parrot

    Although there is generally not a tax for keeping parrots, unless you are keeping rare breeds, there are certain costs that you should be aware of.
  • How To Make a Simple Bird Feeder

    If you choose to, you can make your own homemade bird feeder using these easy steps.
  • How To Select a Bird Stand

    Birds are also social animals and they need some room to roam free and to exercise every now and then. Give your pets a bit of room for freedom and buy a bird stand.
  • How To Make Birdfeeders from Plastic Bottles

    The cheapest and most customizable birdfeeders around are the ones that you make yourself. Creating your own birdfeeder from plastic bottles is easy.
  • How To Make a Woodpecker Feeder

    If you want to attract a woodpecker to your garden, the best thing to do would be to create your very own woodpecker feeder.
  • How To Build a Large Bird Cage

    The first step is to determine exactly how large of a birdcage is required for your type of bird. You can obtain this information from a pet store or on the internet.
  • How To Build a Parakeet Cage

    It is very easy to build a modest parakeet cage with a few common tools and a few dollars worth of materials that are available at any home improvement or hardware store.
  • How To Make a Hanging Bird Toy

    You and your parrot are best friends. Why not make your own hanging bird toys? This is an inexpensive way to bond with your beloved bird.
  • How To Look Up Bird Band Numbers for Parrots

    Bird band numbers are the primary ID mechanism for parrots. These are either open or closed bands and are attached to the bird’s leg.
  • How To Make a Stainless Steel Bird Cage

    A stainless steel bird cage is a great choice for your pet’s home. If you're a skilled craftsperson, you may want to build your own bird cage.
  • How To Know When an Egg is Hatching

    When an egg reaches a specific point where others are hatching, or you would just like to know when you should be more alert for emerging babies, there are a few tricks.
  • How To Make a Cage for Two Parakeets

    This article teaches you how to make a parakeet cage to house two birds. It is cheaper than buying a cage at a pet store and can be customized for your feathered friends.
  • How To Make a Cover for a Parakeet Cage

    Not all parakeets like to be covered, but if yours do you can make a beautiful cage cover that says something about how you feel about your birds.
  • How To Take Care of a Baby Parrot

    Taking care of a baby parrot requires more time and attention than an adult parrot. Use these tips to help you provide the best care for your new baby parrot.
  • How To Find and Buy Bird Cage Covers

    If you have a pet bird, a cage is not the only thing you need. Bird cage covers help your bird stay calm whether indoors or out.
  • How To Find Owl Pellets

    Here's how to learn a number of ways to buy or obtain owl pellets from the wild or from special suppliers.
  • How To Become an Aviculturist

    An aviculturist raises birds for any one of a number of reasons. There are many steps you must take to become a professional aviculturist.
  • How To Attract Robins

    Bird watching is a relaxing hobby, and one of the most beautiful and interesting birds to watch is the robin. Learn what to do to your yard to attract robins.
  • How To Attract Blue Jays

    Read a description of Blue Jays and how to create a habitat to attract them to your yard.
  • How To Attract Quail

    Ground birds that live together in small groups called coveys are known as quail. Learn how provide the perfect environment or habitat to attract quail.
  • How To Feed Gulls

    Gulls are natural scavengers, feeding on bits of leftovers on our beaches and other places where humans leave food. Learn how to properly feed gulls.
  • How To Attract Goldfinches

    Gold finches visit all summer long and even occasionally stop by in winter months. Here is what you need to do to attract them to your yard.
  • How To Clean a Bird Seed Feeder

    Birds are picky eaters, just like people. Cleaning your feeder will help you keep your feathered friends lingering in your garden.
  • How To Train a Parrot to Talk

    So to guide you in training your own parrot to talk like Einstein, here are the best tips that you can find around the web.
  • How To Make Bird Feeder Crafts

    If you have a crafting nature and you like bird watching, then creating pine cone bird feeders is the perfect craft for you. Learn the steps involved in this classic...