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More Farm Animals Articles

  • How To Repel Chickens

    If chickens are coming into your yard and garden to scratch up the ground, try these tips to repel chickens.
  • How To Purchase Chicks

    Being knowledgeable in purchasing chicks is a must if you do not want to waste your money on sick or unhealthy poultry. Consider these tips.
  • How To Raise Ducks as Pets

    Even if you don't have a farm, you can raise ducks as pets from duckling to adult duck with the right duck care tips.
  • How To Protect Chickens from Predators

    The number one problem of backyard fowl raisers is the attack of predators such as cats, dogs, snakes, skunks, foxes and hawks.
  • How To Hatch a Chicken Egg

    Before you can have your own adorable chick, you have to make sure all the conditions are right to hatch your chicken egg.
  • How To Raise Grass-Fed Cattle

    Grass-fed cattle yield more meat that tastes and contains less fat. Raising cattle on grass is also more cost-productive than feeding them with livestock grains that...
  • How To Raise Guinea Fowl

    The demand for the meat of the guinea fowl is increasing. It is considered a game bird and its taste resemble that of quail, partridge, pheasant or grouse. Its meat is...
  • How To Raise a Pig for Food

    In the past, people actually raised their own food, including the pigs where they get everything from pork chops to bacon. Raising a pig for food is actually still a...
  • How To Learn About Beekeeping

    Honey is used as food and for medicinal purposes. If you want to make your own honey and be a beekeeper, here’s how you can learn all about the art.
  • How To House Baby Chicks

    If you intend to raise and care for baby chicks, you will need to house baby chicks in a warm and secure environment.
  • How To Identify a Beefalo Cow

    The beefalo cow is an increasingly popular cow-buffalo hybrid that produces high quality meat on farms across the country.
  • How To Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs

    Follow the guide below to a satisfying and rewarding hobby. Learn how to hatch chicken eggs successfully.
  • How To Feed Your Goat

    Do you have goats? Learn about feeding methods as well as what kinds of food goats eat, and other care tips. Here’s how to feed your goat.
  • How To Determine Sex of Baby Chickens

    A few poultry farmer's tips can help you determine the sex of baby chickens and separate your chicks out into male and female.
  • How To Raise a Duck as a Pet

    Interested in raising pet ducks? Get tips for caring for ducks and ducklings. Here's how to raise a duck as a pet.
  • How To Hatch Poultry Eggs

    These simple steps can help you hatch poultry eggs for your own chicks, either as a science project or for pet or farming purposes.
  • How To Hatch Geese and Duck Eggs

    Raise your own ducklings and goslings with these tips on how to hatch geese and duck eggs for the most successful hatchings.
  • How To Take Care of Pygmy Goats

    Pygmy goats are a new trend in interesting pets and can be excellent company if you offer your pygmy goats the proper pet care.
  • How To Care for & Feed Baby Goats

    Follow these pet care and farm yard tips to care for baby goats and feed baby goats properly.
  • How To Care For & Feed Baby Ducks

    If you have or come upon baby ducks without the ducklings' parents, follow these duckling care tips to feed and care for your baby ducks.
  • How To Care for a Baby Lamb

    These nursing and care tips will help you to care for a newborn baby lamb.
  • How To Buy Miniature Cattle

    Long ago, the cattle were very small, and today we would consider that size to be miniature. Learn what's involved in buying mini cattle.
  • How To Find a Miniature Pot Belly Pig for Sale

    If you intend to purchase a miniature pot belly pig as a house pet, find out as much as you can about how to care for them before bringing one into your home.
  • How To Raise Baby Chicks

    Chicks make good pets or can be raised for food, but before you decide to raise baby chicks yourself, read the following information to help you get started.
  • How To Raise Beef Cattle for Profit

    Here are the simple steps that you have to follow if you want to learn how to raise beef cattle for profit.
  • How To Prepare a Brooder for Chicks

    Newly hatched chicks will require delicate housing to ensure proper development and health. The appropriate housing for these chicks is called a brooder.
  • How To Clean a Goose

    If you hunt for your own game, cleaning a goose is necessary to make it easier to cook and store. Here’s how.
  • How To Choose a Goat

    Before you start choosing a goat, decide first why you want a goat. Do you want it as a companion, for its milk, for its fiber, or for its meat?
  • How To Buy Cow Bells

    Cow bells have many uses. Choosing and buying a cow bell that fits your requirements can be as fun as making a craft project out of one.
  • How To Catch a Runaway Pig

    If you have experience working with pigs, you know they are creatures that are hard to catch. There are some techniques to catch a runaway pig easily.
  • How To Buy a Sheep Farm

    Buying a sheep farm is a good idea when you love agricultural farming, farm animals and would want to take care of these gentle creatures.
  • How To Build Nesting Boxes for Free-Range Hens

    There are various ideas about the requirements of building nesting boxes for free range hens, but there are several things to keep in mind.
  • How To Build a New Chicken Coop

    If you've recently gotten into farming or need a new chicken coop, you'll be glad to know that it isn't hard to make your own.
  • How To Adopt a Baby Lamb

    When you buy a baby lamb, one of the things to consider is whether to buy an orphaned lamb or a lamb that is being sold by a rancher/farmer for profit.
  • How To Care for Donkeys

    Donkeys are among the easiest animals to take care of; thus, more and more people are raising donkeys.
  • How To Stop Chickens from Eating Eggs

    Egg eating is not a very productive behavior with laying hens, but with the proper prevention it can usually be avoided. Learn how to get chickens to stop eating eggs.
  • How To Breed Pigs

    Domesticated pigs have been bred for many years using several different methods. Learn about five different breeding methods for pigs.
  • How To Use a Branding Iron

    In using a branding iron for your livestock, ensure that you are aware of certain state laws and regulations pertaining to the branding of animals.
  • How To Build Nesting Boxes for Chickens

    Building chicken nests can increase the egg production in a backyard setting. These chicken nests are easy to make and only take a little material and equipment. A...
  • Treat Sheep Illnesses

    Most sheep illnesses are easy to treat if you catch them early. Many sheep illnesses are preventable. Proper care of your sheep is essential for the recovery of most...
  • Buy a Goat

    Anyone who has had to mow a large lawn, or attempted to control brush on their acreage has probably thought at least once about buying a goat.
  • Nurse Baby Pigs

    If you're considering breeding pigs and or already have a pregnant pig. You will need to learn the cycle of weaning babies through the mother but also weaning by hand...
  • Raising Baby Ducks: Pet Care for Your Duckling

    When it comes to raising baby ducks, there are at least five main principles to follow for success. Fuzzy yellow ducklings are cute, but they need a lot of care....
  • Herd Sheep

    In order to be successful at herding sheep one must first study and begin to understand the animal itself. This will give the sheepherder many valuable clues into the...
  • Feed Sheep

    What do sheep eat?Sheep are grazers, eating mostly pasture and hay. But should never be fed on just lawn grass.Sheep based on breeder opinion prefer coarse,...
  • Care for Sheep

    Sheep are herd animals by nature and do best when kept in a herd or in pairs. The best sheep to keep for a pet is a female sheep, a ewe, which has been bottle raised....
  • Nurse Baby Sheep

    When nursing sheep or bottle feeding, there are a few good things to know before you do so. Although some people just think, "Aw it's such a cute baby! I'm going...
  • Find a Cow Parts Diagram: Cow Anatomy

    How do you find a diagram of cow parts? There are two ways to find them that come to mind quickly. You can visit the local library or do a search on the Internet. With...
  • Feed a Cow

    You will need to learn how to feed a cow before purchasing one. The Hereford is one of the best cows for any program. The females have the ability to wean their calf...
  • Care for a Cow

    The cow is the most fertile and efficient animal on the earth. They provide fresh milk, butter, cream and cheese. They also produce rich manure that is good for a...