Have you ever wished that you lived in an aquarium? Wandering through bustling office halls can make anyone long for the soothing and delightfully colorful world of fish. However, getting and maintaining an aquarium, while highly rewarding, presents a lot of questions and a lot of possibilities. How can you get this just right? Our Fish section provides all of the answers.

If you need to know anything from how to set up the aquarium or what kind of fish to buy, to the proper food and care of your fish, this site provides the answers. Our site is easy to search so you can quickly find what you are looking for, whether you are looking for information on fish ponds, deep sea fish, saltwater fish, fresh salmon or anything else; even jellyfish are covered! Our experts are knowledgeable and well-versed.

Fish are beautiful and it's tempting to just buy a bunch of them and put them all in a tank together, but it is important to know which ones will live well together; our site can help you assemble a complex aquarium. It will also give you information on the required water, what problems may occur and how to solve them, and even where to go to find specific fish food. For a successful fish tank or fish pond, this is the place with the answers.

Our articles are written by genuine experts in the field. From common pets such as goldfish to the more exotic saltwater fish, this is the place to go when you want to know how to create and maintain a beautiful and fun fish world.

More Fish Articles

  • How To Take Care of a Clown Fish

    Didn’t you just love the movie, “Finding Nemo”? Well, maybe you’re ready to take care of your own little lovable Nemo! Here are some handy guidelines for...
  • How To Raise a Male Betta Fish

    The Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta fish is among the most popular aquarium fish species nowadays. Native to an area in Southeast Asia near Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam...
  • How To Treat Swim Bladder Disease in Goldfish

    Never attempt to treat a goldfish from swim bladder disease if you are not even sure that it is suffering from this disease. You know that the pet has swim bladder...
  • How To Protect Koi from Predators

    Koi are excellent fish to keep as pets, especially if you have a large pond to keep them. Koi also have very long life spans. Some can even live for centuries, with...
  • How To Protect a Pond from Algae

    A once beautiful pond might become an unsightly, unhealthy, body of water due to algae. Here are some ways to prevent pond algae without chemicals.
  • How To Put Together a Goldfish Tank

    Having goldfish as pets is one of the most interesting things that you can do in your household. They aren’t noisy; you only have to clean one area; they are pretty...
  • How To Make Fish Tank Filters

    Here are the simple steps on how to make fish tank filters which can save you money.
  • How To Raise Green Spotted Puffer Fish

    A green spotted puffer fish is a unique and wonderful fish to own and care for. The fish acts like a puppy and will greet you with its eyes whenever you come near its...
  • How To Make an Open Bottom Fish Tank

    Do you love fish? Find instructions for building tanks with more swimming space and better oxygenation. Here’s how to make an open bottom fish tank.
  • How To Make a Peace Lily and Betta Fish Tank

    Want an easy to set up fish tank? This betta fish and lily vase doens't require a filter system. Here's how to make a peace lily and betta fish tank.
  • How To Make an Acyrlic Aquarium

    With acrylic panels and a tiny bit of know-how you can create your own acrylic aquarium for fish or other aquarium pets in no time.
  • How To Change the Water in your Aquarium

    If you keep fish in an aquarium, you will have to change the water in your aquarium every few weeks to keep the fish healthy.
  • How To Clean a Koi Pond

    A backyard fishpond can be a source of enjoyment on your property but take some maintenance. Here are tips on how to clean a Koi pond.
  • How To Test Aquarium Oxygen Levels

    Need help testing the oxygen level in an aquarium? Get tips for checking your aquarium water. Here's how to test aquarium oxygen levels.
  • How To Find Pet Sharks

    As exotic pets go, pet sharks are as much top of the pet store as top of the food chain. Check out these resources to find pet sharks.
  • How To Raise Koi

    It is easy to raise big and healthy Koi fish if you know what to do. All you have to do is to follow the simple tips that are provided here.
  • How To Care for Aquarium Catfish

    Aquarium catfish are popular in many fish lovers’ aquariums because they eat all the filth and can be very attractive and hyperactive around the aquarium.
  • How To Mix Salt for a Salt-Water Aquarium

    Although there are a lot of methods in mixing salt for salt-water aquariums, here are some fairly practical steps to follow.
  • How To Choose a Tank for Salt Water Fish

    Choosing and setting up a saltwater aquarium to house your favorite salt water fish and ocean life is a simple enough matter.
  • How To Catch Big Trout

    If you are set to catch a big trout, here are some of the tips that you can use.
  • How To Care for Your Betta Fish While on Vacation

    While the Betta fish is a generally low-maintenance pet, you will still need to provide it some care and attention especially before you go on vacation.
  • How To Buy Aquarium Bubblers

    Not only do aquarium bubblers facilitate oxygen release, they also serve as exercise and entertainment for your pet fish and make their scales healthier and vibrant.
  • How To Buy a Fish Tank Sump Pump

    Using a sump pump in your fish tank has several advantages. Tthe tips here will help you on how to buy the right fish tank sump pump for your needs.
  • How To Select the Right Fish for a Small Tank

    Your mission, if you decide to maintain a small fish tank, is to make sure you create a harmonious community of fish species in your tank.
  • How To Build Non-Toxic Aquarium Decorations

    An aquarium is a living, moving work of art. You can build non-toxic aquarium decorations and change the feel of your art.
  • How To Bring Your Outdoor Pond Goldfish Indoors

    You have to transfer your outdoor pond indoors so that you can protect your goldfish from the cold harsh climate brought by winter.
  • How To Make Driftwood for an Aquarium

    A good decorative ornament for your aquarium is driftwood. Drift comes in interesting shapes sizes and may serve as caves for the fish.
  • How To Build a Multilevel Aquarium

    Here are some directions on creating a multilevel fish aquarium, which will allow you to have a large number of fish, while giving them the area they need to live...
  • How To Assemble a Fish Tank Filter

    Whatever size your fish tank, you will need a good filtration system to keep your pets swimming happily in their tanks. Here are the steps to assemble a fish tank filter.
  • How To Maintain a Saltwater Fish Tank

    For experienced fish keepers, a saltwater fish tank is the next step up, allowing them to keep the exotic and colorful fish seen at pet stores.
  • How To Make a Backyard Fish Tank

    A backyard fish tank can be lovely in your yard. Besides their aesthetic value, backyard fish tanks may be installed for practical reasons.
  • How To Maintain Your Saltwater Aquarium

    Saltwater aquariums require more maintenance than freshwater tanks, but they are great opportunities to have exotic and colorful fish in your home.
  • How To Keep Jellyfish in a Home Aquarium

    Jellyfish are some of the most unusual and interesting creatures that you can keep in a home aquarium. Here's how to keep jellyfish in a home aquarium.
  • How To Keep Platys

    We will inform you of the proper care requirements of the platy fish and also teach you how to keep up on all conditioning levels of the water in your aquarium to keep...
  • How To Set up a Jellyfish Aquarium

    Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to set up a jellyfish aquarium.
  • How To Breed Convict Cichlid Fish

    Convict Cichlids is a kind of fish also known as Zebra Cichlids to aquarium enthusiasts. They are relatively easy to breed because they require minimal human...
  • How To Breed Betta Fish

    Betta fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) are becoming more and more popular. Learn how to properly breed this type of fish.
  • How To Care for Jack Dempsey Fish

    There are a number of factors that have to be considered to ensure that care of your Jack Dempsey Fish gives them a long and happy life.
  • How To Release a Trout

    Discover tips for catching and releasing trout, including how to revive the fish.
  • How To Seed a New Fish Tank with Beneficial Bacteria

    Seeding a new fish tank with beneficial bacteria is necessary to keep your pet fish healthy.
  • How To Set up an Aquarium the Proper Way

    The two basic types of aquarium are the saltwater aquarium and the freshwater aquarium. First of all, you need to know what kind of aquarium you would like to have....
  • How To Clean Algae in Your Aquarium

    As we move along our daily routine stress is a sure part of it. At home, we address such condition by putting something in our surroundings to neutralize this...
  • How To Care for Angel Fish

    Angel fish is also known as pterophyllum. It belongs to the family of cichlidae, the most common and one of the popular aquarium fishes. It is commonly shaped like a...
  • How To Craft a Realistic Background for a Reef Aquarium

    Getting an aquarium, filling it with water, applying soil, putting fishes, putting some corals and little ferns, and lastly, installing plumbing. Seems like you...
  • How To Lower Nitrates in a Saltwater Aquarium

    If you remember your chemistry subject well, you’d know that nitrates are the final products of the nitrogen cycle. We won’t go through the technical stuff but...
  • Find Koi Fish Food

    Koi fish are becoming very popular in the United States, so people are having custom made Koi fish ponds built in their back yards.  They originally come from Japan...
  • How To Care for a Koi Pond

    OK, you have done it, you have created a koi pond in your backyard, now how do you care for it? This is a point to consider once you have established your pond. You...
  • How To Start a Backyard Koi Pond

    If you are like me, you have probably contemplated starting a backyard koi pond. Koi are beautiful and they are peaceful to watch swimming around. The first thing to...
  • Care for Algae Fish

    A happy, healthy, home aquarium will benefit from the addition of algae eating fish. Interesting to watch, algae eaters take care of the common problem of algae growth...
  • Buy Koi Pond Supplies

    As aquariums are ever so popular; the knowledge about Koi fish ponds is becoming more and more intriguing. Custom made Koi fish ponds are increasingly on the rise. It...