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More Horses Articles

  • How To Vacuum a Horse

    Keeping a horse clean and well-groomed can be quite a task. Not only are horses bigger than us, but they are hard to bathe as well. This is doubly hard if you do not...
  • How To Train Wild Horses

    As can be expected, the training required when dealing with wild horses is far different from the training done when the horses involved are raised and bred by humans....
  • How To Treat Ulcers in Horses

    Equine ulcer, or ulcers in horses, can be an uncommon disease for horses that are having it for the first time. But the truth is, horses get ulcers not only once but...
  • How To Tell if a Horse is Sick

    Any horse owner, whether a would-be owner or just starting for a few months, must know about the health of the horse, especially when buying or taking care of one. A...
  • How To Repair a Harness

    A harness can refer to electrical straps or those used for stunts, but usually it is used to refer to that which is used as accessory on a horse. A harness of this...
  • How To Put on a Horse Harness

    Horses are not only used for riding purposes, they are also used to pull loads. In order to do that, a horse must be put on harness. A horse’s harness will enable...
  • How To Know if a Horse has Colic

    You know your horse is uncomfortable and seems sick, but is this horse colic or another condition?
  • How To Install an Electric Fence for your Horse

    Do you want to keep horses fenced in and other animals out? Learn how to electrify fencing. Here’s how to install an electric fence for your horse.
  • How To Install a Horse Fence

    Want to keep your horses on your property? Get tips on building your own horse fence. Here's how to install a horse fence.
  • How To Handle and Control a Stallion

    Handling and controlling a stallion are serious and demanding tasks and sometimes even perilous. Here are some tips.
  • How To Make a Horse Blanket Pattern

    Outfit your horse for winter and weather with these plans to help you make a horse blanket pattern.
  • How To Fit an English Saddle to your Horse

    Enjoy the comfort of an English saddle with these tips on how to fit an English saddle perfectly on your horse.
  • How To Understand Horse Gestation & Foaling

    The following are some of the things that you should know about horse gestation and foaling; horses are complex creatures that need special care.
  • How To Keep a Miniature Horse Fit

    Did you know miniature horses make wonderful pets? Learn more about a miniature horse and how to keep your new pet healthy and fit.
  • How To Increase Horse Sperm Count

    Before the breeding season, you have to address any sperm count problem in your stallions. Here's how you can improve the sperm count of a horse.
  • How To Identify an American Quarter Horse

    The American Quarter Horse is a popular racing and horseback riding horse. Look for these identifying characteristics in an American quarter horse.
  • How To Teach a Horse Clicker Training Basics

    Using a clicker to train a horse can teach the animal many tricks and good behavior. Having treats such as carrots and apples will make the training more successful.
  • How To Show a Miniature Horse

    Interested in showing miniature horses? Learn about showing these miniature bred horses. Here's how to show a miniature horse.
  • How To Raise Miniature Horses

    Learn to meet the needs of miniature horses, from proper grooming practices to grazing requirements to the best veterinarian treatment.
  • How To Put Together a Horse Bridle

    Although it looks rather complicated, especially since horse bridles have seemingly complex straps, assembling a horse bridle is fairly easy. Here are some tips.
  • How To Cinch a Western Saddle

    Keeping the saddle and you on the horse depends on how you cinch your western saddle. Here are tips on how to do just that.
  • How To Make Homemade Horse Treats

    Although there are treats that you can buy, aside from their favorite apples and carrots, you can make several horse treats that your horses will really love.
  • How To Buy a Miniature Horse Saddle

    Getting the right measurements is a crucial bit in buying your miniature horse saddle. You cannot have a normal-sized horse saddle fitted on a small horse.
  • How To Buy a Retired Racehorse

    If you share the sentiment of thousands of animal lovers and horse owners, you can save a racehorse’s life – you can consider buying a retired racehorse.
  • How To Buy a Great Horse

    Buying a great horse is not an easy business for a first time buyer. Purchasing a horse is a great investment of time and monetary resources.
  • How To Attach a Snaffle Bit

    There are many different types of bits that are used to train and guide horses. One of the most commonly used bits is the snaffle bit.
  • How To Build a Horseshoe Pit

    The game of horseshoes is great to enjoy with friends and family, and there are just a couple of things that will be needed to create a horseshoe pit.
  • How To Lope a Horse

    Loping a horse is one of the most popular paces for riding a horse. Once you master the lope, it's likely to become your favorite gait.
  • How To Lunge a Horse for Exercise

    Lunging is a popular way to exercise a horse and teach him proper form. Learn how to lunge a horse for exercise.
  • How To Find the Best Joint Supplement for Horses

    The regular life cycle of a horse normally does not include strenuous activities that put the joints in jeopardy. Learn how to find the best joint supplement for horses.
  • How To Keep Flies off a Horse with Vinegar

    By using vinegar, you avoid the use of store-bought chemicals around your horse. Here's how to keep flies off a horse with vinegar.
  • How To Choose a Mustang Horse

    When selecting a Mustang horse, there are many attributes that you should consider. These characteristics include gender, age, conformation, temperament, and color.
  • How To Check a Horse's Heart Rate

    The heart rate of a horse is among the most crucial health matters that owners must monitor. Body temperature, respiration, and circulatory health are equally vital.
  • How To Jump Your Horse

    Learning the proper techniques for how to jump your horse is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, minor mistakes in form can lead to injury.
  • How To Buy a Western Saddle

    Selecting the right western saddle is one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your horse. Being informed is the first step.
  • How To Compete in Dressage

    Dressage has been the premier form of equestrian training for hundreds of years. Competing in dressage requires a lot of training and dedication.
  • How To Remove a Horse Shoe

    In emergency situations, knowing how to remove a horseshoe in the absence of a farrier is a skill every horse owner and rider should have.
  • How To Give a Horse a Shot

    Having to give a horse a shot isn’t unusual for owners and equine aficionados. Intramuscular injections are the most common and safest to administer.
  • How To Buy an English Bridle

    Discover the right type of English Bridle for your horse and where to buy it.
  • How To Buy a Thoroughbred Racehorse

    Buying a Thoroughbred racehorse is an investment in time and money. Learn what identification markings and characteristics to look for when buying a Thoroughbred...
  • How To Choose a Peruvian Paso Horse

    Buying a horse is exciting, but also a huge investment. Learn how to choose a Peruvian Paso horse that fits your lifestyle, riding style, experience level and budget.
  • How To Choose a Miniature Horse

    Miniature horses are popular for their petite body and adorable appearance. Learn how to check specifications and standards when choosing a miniature horse.
  • How To Take a Horse to a Farrier

    Your horse’s feet require proper care so you need to take your horse to a proper farrier. Learn how to take a horse to a farrier before hooves are split.
  • How To Feed a Pregnant Mare

    A pregnant mare needs to eat healthy enough to keep up her own weight as well as the weight of the unborn foal. Learn how to feed a pregnant mare.
  • How To Feed a Breeding Stallion

    A breeding stallion should be well fed for optimum performance. The nutritional requirements vary during the off season and breeding season. Learn how to feed a...
  • How To Determine if a Horse is Sick

    If you’re a horse owner or are planning on buying a horse, it’s important to know how to tell if your horse is sick. Watch closely for these signs.
  • How To Listen to a Horse's Gut Sounds

    Knowing how to listen to your horse's gut sounds is important, especially if he is prone to colic. Here's how you can listen to the sounds in your horse's gut.
  • How To Feed a Stabled Horse

    When feeding a horse that is housed in a stable, or stall, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Here's how to fee a horse in a stable.
  • How To Teach a Horse to Drive

    There are many other ways to enjoy a horse besides riding it. Here are some tips in teaching your horse how to drive.
  • How To Treat a Colicky Horse

    If a horse has colic, you need to treat it right away. Here are some tips on how to treat a horse that has colic.