Reptiles & Amphibians

Whether you are new to keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets, or an avid enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge base, our Reptiles and Amphibians section has great information for you!

Is your passion turtles? We will help you know the best way to adopt a new turtle friend, take proper care of it, and even make an amazing natural habitat where it can live happily. If you have questions about how to buy food, we have answers. We'll even help you save money by showing you how you can make your own turtle food. And we'll even share with you how to tell if your turtle has passed on. Believe it or not, it isn't always easy to tell.

Perhaps you're more interested in snakes. We'll share great ways to take proper care of your snake, the right kind of food it needs, and how to build your own cage designed to keep even the craftiest snake in his home and out of harm's way. If you have a wild snake in your home that you want to remove, we can help you make a snake trap that is safe, effective and will allow you to quickly relocate your unwanted roommate.

Perhaps you don't yet know what type of reptile or amphibian you would like to have as a pet. We can help you find out. With articles on iguanas, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, frogs, toads and more, there is a bit of something for everyone.

Reptiles and amphibians make great companions, particularly for working people. They are easy alternatives to keeping cats, dogs and birds, and can fill your life with joy with their surprisingly friendly personalities. Whatever your questions, concerns or interests, we are here to help!

More Reptiles & Amphibians Articles

  • How To Take Care of a Corn Snake or Want to Buy a Corn Snake

    The corn snake, also known as the red rat snake, is popularly regarded as one of the easiest snakes to take care of. That’s because of their relative smallness (they...
  • How To Start an Alligator Farm

    Alligators are one of the sturdiest animals that a person can ever take care of and while they are not exactly low maintenance, they are not that difficult to look...
  • How To Feed a Pet Turtle

    Want to get a pet turtle? Learn about what turtles eat before you buy. Here's how to feed a pet turtle.
  • How To Construct a Tree Frog Terrarium

    The best living environs for tree frogs can be provided by setting up a terrarium. Here's help on the right materials to get you started.
  • How To Clean a Terrarium

    You can create a miniature ecosystem in a glass tank in just a few steps and bring the rainforest to your living room with a terrarium.
  • How To Clean an Iguana Cage

    Having a pet iguana opens your life to a new experience of animal ownership. But you have to take care of your lizard's environment, and that means a clean cage.
  • How To Set Up a Terrarium for an Iguana

    Your iguana will want the right conditions of light, heat, and humidity to make a terrarium into its own iguana home.
  • How To Care for a Pacman Frog

    Since the Pacman frog is used to a totally different locale, you really have to exert the effort to make it feel comfortable in your home.
  • How To Care for and Feed Salamanders

    You can only make your salamander a happy and content pet if you are able to give it nutrition and very viable living conditions.
  • How To Catch a Common Garter Snake

    These are the simple tips and steps that you have to follow when you are going to catch a garter snake.
  • How To Care for Frogs

    While it looks like a daunting task to keep a pet frog, here are some tips you can use to help you take care of your frog.
  • How To Breed Ball Pythons

    Think carefully before you decide to breed your ball python. Determine if you have a market for the hatchlings and their food supply sources.
  • How To Buy a Pet Python

    It is actually quite easy to buy a pet python, because this is one exotic animal that many breeders recognize as non-dangerous. Pythons are not known to be venomous.
  • How To Build an Iguana Cage

    To properly care for your iguana, they must be kept in an iguana cage spacious enough to roam around in.
  • How To Make a Snake Cage

    A snake, aside from being an animal of the wild, is a pet for some. If you are one of these people who have snakes at home, you can make a snake cage for your pet.
  • How To Make Snake Traps

    While there are lots of snake traps commercially available, it is also possible to build one of your own.
  • How To Know If a Turtle Is Dead

    Turtles are slow-moving creatures who like to laze around, sometimes making difficult to know if the turtle is dead or alive. Read tips to make this determination.
  • How To Keep Squirrels off a Bird Feeder

    Squirrels have a voracious appetite and ability to eat much of your expensive wild bird feed. They are also intent upon storing as much food as possible for the winter.
  • How To Keep Your Ball Python Healthy

    When it comes to keeping your ball python healthy and happy, here are some different factors you must take into consideration.
  • How To Make a Cage for a Snake

    One of the largest expenses of owning a snake is buying a proper cage at a pet store. Follow these steps to save money by making an escape proof cage for a snake.
  • How To Take Care of Your Turtle

    A turtle’s unique appearance makes it favorable to have as a pet, especially for people with allergies to common house pets. Learn how to take care of your turtle.
  • How To Make Turtle Food

    Keeping a pet turtle can be expensive; you will have to buy the aquarium, accessories and food. Save some money by learning to make your own turtle food.
  • Choose Reptile Cages

    Reptiles are popular pets nowadays as an alternative to cats, dogs and birds. You can choose turtles, tortoises, chameleons or crabs as pets. The more adventurous ones...
  • Find Bearded Dragon Supplies

    Almost every home has a cat, dog, fish, turtle and so on.  Occasionally you will stumble across a home that has a bearded dragon.  More people are getting away from...
  • Adopt a Turtle

    Turtles are amazing creatures. They can make excellent pets and turtles offer many educational benefits for youngsters.
  • How To Keep Green Iguanas

    Caring for green iguanas can be rewarding and joyful if you follow these basic guidelines.
  • How To Care for Leopard Geckos

    Leopard geckos are a good choice if you are looking to care for your first reptile. They are also suitable for more experienced reptile keepers. They are easy to care...
  • How To Build a Turtle Habitat

    Box turtles make great pets. Unfortunately, most of them are kept in aquariums. Turtles would be much happier if they had an outdoor enclosure that mimicked their...
  • How To Treat Your Iguana for Mites

    Mites are fairly common problems for iguanas. However, taking care to get rid of them is very important because left unchecked the parasitic mites can actually kill...
  • How To Decide What Pet Is Right For You

    Selecting a new pet is a big decision for anyone. Remember anything you do will now impact the life of another creature. Below are some things to think about before...
  • How To Give a Pet as a Gift

    Advice about purchasing a pet as a gift for the holidays.
  • How To Feed Reptiles Live Food

    Many people are squeamish at the idea of feeding live food to their pets. However, with many pet reptiles, live food is necessary for their health. If you follow these...
  • How To Cope with the Loss of a Pet

    There's no easy way to cope with the loss of a pet, nor should you try to bypass the natural grieving process. Always remember, you're not alone. Everyone...
  • How To Take Care of Iguanas: Iguana Care Tips

    Iguanas can make phenomenal pets. While you won't be required to give them long walks outside and potty training will not be an issue that gets you out of bed at 3...