Care for a Rooster

Caring for a rooster is not that difficult as long as you follow a few care rules. One of the most important things that I can not stress enough when caring for a rooster is that you can not put them in with other roosters, they will fight. Roosters are social birds, so when looking at the care of a rooster it is best to have some chickens to keep it busy.

Let's first look at housing and containment:

If you house your rooster with other chickens you will want to have what is called a hen house. This is where your chickens will lay eggs and also hide from the elements. Construction of your hen house is important due to the fact that roosters and chickens don't like to sleep on the ground. Roosters and chickens need what is called a perch to rest on. A perch can be made by simply taking two 2x4's and placing them a few feet apart at about a 45 degree angle, at that point you can take 1x2's and nail them cross ways each one about 2 feet apart. This will give them something to sit on at night. Often people convert portable sheds into "chicken or hen houses". The next step in caring for a rooster is the pen that you keep it in. I have seen people build nice pens with open tops in them only to have their rooster and chickens fly out. The danger of that is now it is possible for predators to get your rooster and chickens. The best pen is one that has chicken wire or some type of mesh wire over the top, so they can't fly out and something can't fly in.

There are also people that raise roosters for showing in fairs and other competitions. If you are raising your rooster for the purpose of showing it, care for your rooster will be different. People who show roosters generally keep their roosters in a smaller pen. The size of this pen is generally about 2' wide by 3' long with an enclosed area with straw so that it can rest comfortably at night. The important thing to do with this type of pen is to have it in a warm place since it will not have any other chickens to keep it warm.

Also don't forget that I said earlier that roosters are social birds so it will also be important to take it out and play with it daily. One of the worst things that you can do to any animal or bird is to put it away and never pay any attention to it.


If you are raising barn yard chickens and roosters your local feed store will be your best place for information about the proper food. The feed store will have special blends for egg laying and the general health of your chickens.

If you are raising your rooster for showing you will also be able to buy a special blend of food at your feed store, designed for that purpose.

Raising roosters and chickens can be fun and rewarding , there are also books you can get about caring for roosters and chickens.


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