How To Attract Birds to a New Bird Feeder

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According to a 2019 study published in the Science journal, a total of 2.9 billion birds have ceased to exist on the North American continent since 1970. This means that in 50 years the population of birds has decreased by 29%, or 1 in 4 birds have disappeared. 

Well-known threatened species of birds continue to be in danger but losses can also be found in populations of birds that are more commonly seen in your backyards. 

If you love birds and are hoping to see more of them in your own backyard you might want to learn how to attract birds to a new bird feeder. Keep reading to learn more. 

What You Put in Your Feeder Is Important 

Whether you're purchasing your first bird feeder or putting in a new one, birds will be attracted by different offerings of food. Keep testing out different things until you find a mix that birds love so you can continue seeing them every day. 

Different seed mixes are some of the best food you can put out for birds, it provides them a ton of nutrition. Make sure the mixes you get have sunflower seeds as most birds enjoy these. 

You can also get mealworms at most pet stores. This is another type of food most birds enjoy. 

The Construction of Your Feeder Can Make a Difference 

The right constructed bird feeder can also do more to attract birds to your backyard. The most important thing is that the feeder isn't too hidden away so the birds can actually see it. 

Your feeder should have a good amount of birds so that the birds that come can rest comfortably as they eat. Something durable and resistant against all kinds of weather is important too.

You don't want to spend too much money having to replace your bird feeder multiple times during the year. 

Where You Place Your Bird Feeder Matters

Placement is also important when it comes to attracting birds to your feeder. Some birds prefer to fly up to a feeder that's elevated at a high position. 

Some birds do feel more comfortable coming to a bird feeder with some protection from the trees. You can try placing your feeder in between some branches for the right amount of coverage. 

You want to find the safest location for your feeder so birds can eat without fear of being ambushed by any stray cats roaming around. 

Different Kinds of Feeders Attract Different Kinds of Birds

Certain birds like the feeders that hang in trees. Others prefer eating from a table feeder in your yard. 

The hanger feeders will keep the feed from getting scattered. If you do opt for the table feeder then choose one with a roof to keep the food from getting wet if it rains. 

If you want to attract birds to a feeder but haven't had much luck, you should also consider adding multiple feeders. More feeders and different kinds can bring all kinds of beautiful birds to your backyard. 

Adding a Bird Bath Can Help 

If you've put in a new feeder and haven't had too much luck attracting birds, you can try adding a birdbath. Birdbaths are typically more visible and you might get more birds to visit. 

Once the birds come to your birdbath they'll move on to the feeder. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the bath should be a couple of feet from the feeder so that the water doesn't get dirty so quickly. 

Bright Colors Can Attract More Birds

Like humans, birds see all the colors on the spectrum. Bright colors are more likely to catch a bird's attention. Consider getting more colorful decor and this might do a good job of attracting more birds to your feeder. 

Red is an especially bright color and known to attract hummingbirds. Orange and yellow can attract orioles and goldfinches.

When shopping for a new feeder, consider one in these colors to attract more birds to your yard. Https://

Refill Your Bird Feeder at the Right Time 

During the winter when birds are less likely to find insects on their own, they can come to rely on food they get from bird feeders. However, in early spring seeds and insects are only starting to build back up. 

This means that adding food to your bird feeder throughout the year is best. You should adjust according to how much you notice the birds eating though. 

Add More Greenery to Your Yard 

Another way to attract more garden birds to your yard is to add more greenery to your space. Colorful flowers and native trees can also attract birds to your backyard.

This might even encourage them to nest in one of your trees or shrubs. Birds nesting in your backyard are more likely to stop by your new bird feeder as well. 

Don't Forget to Squirrel Proof 

One important thing you shouldn't forget to attract more birds to your feeder is to squirrel-proof it. Your feeders might scare all of the birds away if the squirrels take over. 

A simple wire mesh around the feeder will allow the birds to eat but keep the squirrels from reaching the birdseed.

Another option is to add some type of grease to the bird feeder pole, something without any toxins, so that the squirrel isn't able to climb up to the feeder. 

Clean Your Bird Feeder Regularly 

You won't get any bird visitors if you don't keep your bird feeder clean with fresh seed. Regular cleaning also prevents the spread of disease from bird to bird. Cleaning with regular soap and water should do. 

Learn How to Attract Birds to a New Bird Feeder

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn how to attract birds to a new bird feeder. Placement and the right food is the most important thing to keep in mind. Make sure you check out some of the other blogs on our site to learn more.


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