How To Build a Dog Jump

Building a dog jump may be the most inexpensive way to agility train.  Agility training teaches dog obedience and helps keep them in shape.  There are many different types of agility training methods, but a dog jump is the best for beginners.  A dog jump teaches a dog to listen and follow specific commands from the owner.  Depending on the breed size, the dog jump height will vary and can be adjusted.  Multiple jumps are also very popular. Follow a few easy steps in order to build the prefect dog jump.

Step 1.   Before building the dog jump, it is important to get PVC pipe.  The PVC pipe will act as the structure for the jump.  To build a dog jump, you will need various sizes of pipes.  Required pipes include: 4 PVC pipes that are 18” long, 2 PVC pipes that are 2 ¼”, 3 PVC pipes that are 4’, 4 T pipes, and 4 end caps.

Step 2. Decide on a location that will offer enough space for the dog jump and the canine to run.  The more room, the better.  The dog will need to enough room to gain speed before jumping and then need more space to slow down afterwards.  There also needs to be enough space on the side of the jump for you to stand.

Step 3.  Begin building the side bases for the dog jump.  To do this, insert one T pipe onto the longest PVC pipe. This step must be done two times in order to have a base for each side of the jump.

Step 4.  Place the previously built base on the ground with the horizontal opening end of the T pipe facing up.  This will create a standard low bar for the dog to jump over.

Step 5.  Insert a 4’ PVC pipe into the top of the T pipe on both ends of the base.  This will provide as a vertical frame.

Step 6. This step can be considered optional.  Multiple bars can be installed, setting a specific high opening for the dog to jump through.  To install these bars, take the remaining end caps and cut them in half.  Next, with a drill, position and drill the end caps onto the vertical frames.  These will be used to hold additional poles.  Once completely installed, place the extra PVC pipes onto the end caps at any desired high.

With all pipes in place, command your dog to jump! If any height adjustments need to be made, now is the time to do it.  As your dog becomes more comfortable with jumping, you can make the jump more difficult by adding more bars. A dog jump is a fun an inexpensive learning activity for both you and your dog.


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