How To Buy a Miniature Horse Saddle

Saddles, more popularly called an equestrian saddle, help both the horse and the rider make a pleasurable experience out of a journey, provided they have been both perfectly fitted. Buying a miniature horse saddle will not be a simple grab-and-go trip to the store. It is most practical to bring the child as well as the horse to which the saddle shall be fastened to guarantee a faultless fit.

1.    Take the measurements of the horse or pony. You may do the measuring with the shop owner or have the numbers ready before going to the store. First, gauge the pony’s height by beginning at its withers (the noticeable ridge near the end of the mane area joining its neck and back) as starting point down to its front hoof. Measure again the length of the saddle on the horse’s back starting from the withers to its croup (the prominent rump just between the tail and loin). These will serve as your approximates to help with narrowing down choices as to size.

2.    Purpose and size of the rider. Decide for which purpose you will use the saddle. Some are especially made for decoration purposes only and are therefore incompatible for use with a live animal and will not be able to provide proper support for the rider. Settle this beforehand to avoid miscommunication in ordering and end up wasting money. Bring the rider to the store to help with the sizing.

3.    Go to a local tack shop. Discuss with the company owner about the product you want and the specifics you are looking for. It is useful that you talk to a professional on horse saddles, as you might get overwhelmed by the varying kinds of saddles (The English saddle and “Stock” saddle are the two major classes). Show the measurements you took so you can be given the top options based on the given information and what they know works best. You may choose between true leather and synthetic leather, each one having its own merits. Also, provide the height and weight of the rider to gage the appropriate seat size in case they are not present during the purchase.  Choosing will not be simply a matter of picking the one which most appeals to your aesthetic affinities, but rather a careful course of finding the right size for the horse as well as the intended rider.

Here are a few online tack shops that offer a good selection of miniature horse saddles for reasonable prices. 

  • Nikki’s Pony Express sells new and used horse saddles in good condition. All sizes available.
  • Horse Tack Supply offers brand new horse saddles for discounted prices ranging from $120 to $150.
  • TT Mini Horse Supplies are slightly more expensive but they have a bigger collection from which you may find what you need.
  • Buford Saddle even offers you a buying guide before taking a look at their quality products.

4.    Fit the saddle. Ideally, you should fit the saddle before finalizing your purchase. Buying your saddle from a local store allows you to instantly do this, but shopping online might create problems when you do not get the right size.

Getting the right measurements is a crucial bit in buying your miniature horse saddle. You cannot have a normal-sized horse saddle fitted on a small horse because it will be too heavy for it. Caring for the well-being of your pony involves getting supplies appropriate for its size.


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