How To Buy an English Bridle

Choosing the right English Bridle
Try out several bits and bridles before you buy anything. The fit of the bridle will depend on how the horse reacts to it. If the horse starts to squirm or look uncomfortable that is not the right fit for the horse. You also want to choose high quality leather, it is a waste of time and money to buy a cheap bridle, because it can break and you will lose control over your horse. The bridle you choose should also be able to hold the bit nicely in the corners of the horse's mouth.

Fitting the Bridle on the Horse
Attach the bit securely to the head stall, then put the bridle over the horse's head and set the bit into its mouth. Place the crown of the bridle over the horses head. Check the fit around the cheeks. The bridle should lay flat and not obstruct the vision of the horse. Adjust the buckles to make sure the bit is comfortably in the horse’s mouth. Tighten the strap under the chin. You should be able to put at least one finger in between the strap and the horses chin.  Finally adjust the reins, nose and ear pieces.

Locating an English Bridle
The best places to find a bridle are English saddlery and apparel shops. You can also find a bridle at signature horse bridle shops, equestrian websites, horse riding gear websites, major comparison shopping sites, horse riding supply stores, and auction sites. It is best to physically try out the different bridles on your horse to see which one fits best. Once you have done that and you have narrowed down your search you can make your purchase online from a reputable dealer. You don’t want to skimp on the quality and comfort of the bridle. Spend the extra money to make sure that you are getting the best bridle for your horse.

Be sure that when you are searching for a bridle that you try out several before you buy it. Make sure the horse is happy with your choice. Be gentle when trying out new bridles on your horse, and also make sure that the horse’s temperament is inviting in order for you to try out several bridles on him. There are several types of bridles one can purchase depending on the event. Choose the right bridle for the right event with confidence and keep your horses comfort in mind.


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