How To Decide What Pet Is Right For You

Advice About How to Select the Appropriate Pet

Selecting a new pet is a big decision for anyone. Remember anything you do will now impact the
life of another creature. Below are some things to think about before you decide to bring home any animal.

  1. Are pets allowed in your home? Check your lease for pet restrictions as some condos, apartments and housing associations only authorize certain animals.
  2. Is this the right time and place for you? Where does your time go everyday? Working long hours isn’t fair to a new puppy or kitten but may work out for reptiles. Consider how much time you have for daily care and attention. Think about your personal hobbies—does your chosen pet possess the necessary physical attributes and temperament to participate in your activities?
    If your hobbies take you away from home, is someone available to care for them in your absence?
  3. How will your new pet interact with current human/animal family members? Some animals are genetically programmed not to get along with others. Research what animals were intended to be used for; mixing natural enemies will not end well. Determine the suitability of an animal based on your household energy level.
  4. Are you ready for the financial obligation? Financial care goes beyond the initial cost of bringing your animal home; it continues for the life of your new family member. The necessary care throughout the lifetime of your pet can add up so make sure you are willing to spend before you purchase. Medical emergencies can quickly add up and specialty exotic or farm animal vets are harder to find so have one ready.
  5. Will you be prepared for the emotional impact? Purchasing a pet will cause an emotional change in you, from the day you bring your pet home until the day his life ends. Think about the positive and the negative force your pet will have on your emotions.
  6. Lifetime commitment really means a lifetime. Think about where you would like to be in 40 years before you purchase that cockatoo or tortoise. Will you be willing to spend the proper amount of time and care on your pet throughout his entire lifespan? Do you want children? You had better think about everything you would like to do in your lifetime and take it into account before taking the plunge into pet parenthood.
  7. Can you provide the proper housing and care requirements? If you insist on the pony for your children, can it live on your property or will you need to pay for boarding? Is it really fair to have a Great Dane in your studio apartment? How often will your pet utilize outdoor areas and do you have access to adequate space? Will your chosen pet need to live in a cage or will he be loose in the house? Purchase the largest cage you can afford if you need one. Is the animal you want normally a group animal? If the type of pet you purchase is happier in pairs or groups, are you willing to buy at least two?
  8. How pet friendly is your home? Before bringing your new family member home, make sure that his space is safe. If you have small animals, pick up cords or chewable items, and block small holes that could become potential escape routes. Make toxic items inaccessible to your new rambunctious puppy or kitten. Preventing accidents and providing a safe, secure environment will prevent emergency vet visits and keep everyone happy and healthy.
  9. Shop around. Visit shelters, breeders and stores in your area. Join forums and associations. People who have similar pets will be able to tell you about their experiences in selection, care and daily life before you bring a pet home.

Hopefully, you are now ready to begin researching and deciding if and what new pet is right for you. If you think you have found the pet for you, find someone who is willing to let you care for his for a weekend; nothing is more definitive than hands-on interaction.


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Good general information. This article leads people in the right direction; think before you bring a pet home.

By Eleanor Scheidemann

Most people get carried away and buy a pet without taking the proper time to reflect upon this decision. A rational decision can make the experience much more pleasant, for it will point you towards a pet that will easily adapt to your normal life.

I have lots of friends who bought pets they couldn't keep. The sad thing is that once you get attached to it, giving them away is a heart-breaking experience.

Congrats on your article! People should learn from it before making such big decision.

By Leandro Bernardo