How To Find a Miniature Pot Belly Pig for Sale

Pot Belly Pigs have a large snout, are seen with black and white patterns, and have sharp tusks, and durable hooves. If you compare their ears to regular breeds, their ears are triangle-shaped and upright, and they have a flat tail. Pot Belly Pigs can live up to an average lifespan of 4 to15 years. Their weight can start from a ½ lb. at birth and average 100-125lbs. by the time they reach their 3-year maturity age.

These miniature pigs are known to have bottomless appetites but are surprisingly clean and can easily learn new things. Because of their ability to be trained, some pot belly pigs are bought as pets and are even trained to use a litter box or the doggy-door. They can even be taken out for walks in a harness and leash.

If you intend to purchase a miniature pot belly pig to make into a house pet, make sure to find out as much as you can about how to care for them before bringing one into your home. There are available books online and in stores for you to research from.

Small farm animals, like the pot belly pigs, miniature horses, low-line cattle and pygmy goats are usually acquired as pets for a hobby farm or home and are not purchased for food production. These types of animals are used for 4-H projects, animal shows, and as personal pets. They are easier to raise and cost less to feed and care for.

Here’s how to find where to buy a miniature pot belly pig.

  1. Locate your local farm bureau, their extension agents or the 4-H club from whom you may inquire about local breeders, miniature pig farms, or owners who sell pot belly pigs. The extension agents may be able to provide you information as to who is selling miniature animals, or where a nearby livestock auction may be on going.
  2. Seek referrals from miniature pot belly pig owners who may be using the pigs for shows or as pets.
  3. Find a reputable local breeder online or near your area that can ship your order or allow you to pick up your pot belly pig purchase. There are pot belly pigs breeder listings available online depending on the city or state you live in. If they do not sell on retail, the breeders might be able to refer other breeders who are closer to your location. They might also be able to help you in selecting and give tips on how to care for your pig.
  4. Go to livestock shows or auctions near you to see the various kinds of pot belly pigs available. Approach owners and sellers and try to make a purchase through them or a breeder or through a farm they can recommend.

One you have found your option breeders or suppliers to purchase a pot belly from. Visit their farm or location and choose the best pot belly pig you feel you would like to buy and bring home. If it would be a personal pet, try to find the pig that caught your attention and affection.


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