How To Get Rid of Nesting Swallows

It is springtime and one thing's for sure. Visitors are coming. However, the visitors referred to here are not the ordinary, human ones.  They are those visitors that visit every springtime and you would not want them to stay in your house. You would surely want to say "No more space for rent."  Their airplanes come from all sorts of places and land on their chosen tourist spots. They look so cute at first sight, yet they will leave you with the worst condition.  They are cute yet rude. They have the most deceiving looks and devastating habits. They leave their suitcases and travel bags behind in your houses. After which, you will wish not to have them back. These visitors are the swallows.

There are four things you will need in order to get rid of those pesky creatures. One is a Bird Net 2000, which looks like a giant net. In addition, you must have a Bird Slope, which looks like a triangle without a base or a house roof. The third material would be a Bird Spike 2000 that looks like an array of hard feathers. The last material is an ultranetting, which looks similar to the Bird Net 2000, but with bigger holes. You can actually consult a pet shop whenever you have trouble in looking for these materials.

Using those four materials, follow these steps to easily get rid of swallows that are nesting or are about to nest in your house:

Understand the behavior and nature of the swallows. Swallows seem to be cute at first sight.  Looks can be deceiving, it is said.  They are cute but are also horrible. Every year, their droppings and nesting residues become major problems and can cost thousands of dollars to be wasted in home repairs or refurnishing. Every springtime, the swallows migrate and look for places where they can thrive.

Know if your house is a prospect. The architectural design or appearance of a site is a great influence to the swallows’ choice of place to thrive in. Usually, sites with overhanging eaves with more than 8 inches of width at right angles with the wall are chosen by the swallows. The said birds commonly select wood, stucco, masonry, or concrete surface of the wall.

Prevent or control.  Before the birds come, set up your Bird Net 2000. Attach it from the outer edge of the eave down to the side of the building. Also, you may put up a curtain and attach it to the eave, hanging about 4 inches from the side of your home. You may want also to set up a plastic or steel Bird Spike along the wall. The ultranetting may be attached to poles around the house.

Use the bird slope. The bird slope may be placed under the eaves to prevent the swallows from nesting. In this way, the swallows will look for another spot. The slippery feeling it gives to the birds will prevent them from building their nests. It can be installed, painted, and left for a year.

These four steps may be a little complicated to follow. That is why if you feel you cannot finish or even start the job, let a professional or an expert assist you.  Ask your neighbors, too.  Maybe one of them has tried this before.  Just make sure that you set up your nets before the swallows come.


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