How To Install an Electric Fence for your Horse

Using an electric fence for your horse will ensure that no other animals enter the area where they are. This is also a good thing to have if you see that your horses try to go out of the fence to reach nearby trees and shrubs. Having an electric fence is definitely more expensive than using the standard fence for your animals but this ensures the safety of your horses. It may shock the horses if they get too close to it, but having the electric fence will make sure that they stay within the safety of the corral.

Here are the instructions that you can follow if you want to install an electric fence for your horse:

  • Materials you need. The materials you need for this installation are electric fence wire, fence and corner insulators, electric fence charger, a hammer, wire cutters and a 5-foot grounding rod. You need to know the perimeter of the area that you are going to enclose with the electric fence so that you will know how much material you will need.
  • Install insulators. Since you already have a fence for your horses, you will just add some mechanisms that will make the standard fence into an electric fence. First, you must install the insulators on each of the posts that you have for your fence. Mount them up with nails and make sure that they will not fall off easily.
  • Install corner insulators. Next, secure the corner insulators to the corner posts. Do not worry if they are hanging lose on the sides of the fence. This is normal since there is no electric current running through. You will be able to pull them up more tightly once you start installing the electric wire.
  • Install electric charger. Mount the electric charger on one of the sturdy posts that you have on your fence. Afterwards, connect the ground wire to the grounding rod.
  • Install fence wire. Now you can run the fence wire to the perimeter of the fence. Start installing the wire on the posts that are far from where the charger is. Work your way towards the charger so that you can attach the end of the fence wire to the charger. Attach the end of the wire on the positive panel on the charger.
  • Test the electric fence. Now you can turn on the electricity and test to see if there is electricity surging through the wires. You can test the electricity with the help of a fence tester. You can purchase an electric fence tester from the website They have simple positive voltage readers, 5-light voltage readers and digital voltage readers available. Purchase one that suits your needs.

If you followed the steps correctly, you should be all done. Now you do not need to worry about some animals going after your horses or your horses running away from their enclosed area. Check the electricity of the fence every so often so that you are sure that it is in good condition.


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