How To Make a Horse Blanket Pattern

Horse blankets are normally placed on a horse when the weather is cold, while the horse grazes on the pasture, or when it goes out on trips. This particular clothing ensures that your horse if protected from all the harsh elements of the colder months. During the summer months, horse blankets can be beneficial to your horse as well. Using fly sheets or lightweight blankets made from materials that are perforated, can protect the animal from insects and flies which can harm him, at the same time allowing air to go through the material. This keeps him cool in spite of the protective covering. Waterproof blankets are also popular for areas where rainy weather is quite common. Cooling horse blankets, on the other hand, lower the temperature of the horse after a heavy training. Horse blankets may be quite expensive to purchase and it would be a great idea to make your own, with materials you choose, to cut down on expenses. To make a horse blanket, you will first of all need to create a pattern serving as your guide when sewing the blanket. Here’s how to do it:

  • Your materials for your pattern will include a tape measure, a pair of scissors and pattern material, preferably an old, flat sheet about the size of a queen or king-sized bed, or an old horse blanket. You will want to use this pattern several times so make sure that the material you use does not tatter or fray at the edges from frequent use.
  • You will now begin to measure your horse. Basically, all horse blankets follow a particular design covering the barrel of the horse, from the point between his shoulder blades down to his tail, and hanging at the bottom of his elbows to the joint on his rear limbs. It would be best to have a companion when measuring or at best, tie the horse so that it stays still while you do it.
  • Make sure your horse is standing exactly on his most normal position. Stay on the left side of your horse holding on your left hand the end part of your measuring tape. Set this part at the area where the neck of the horse joins the middle of his chest. Now draw the measuring tape down the length of the horse’s left side towards his shoulder area, which is the widest. Keep on drawing on the measuring tape in the same fashion to as far as you can reach.
  • Write down your measurement marking the area you reached with the thumb of your right hand. Go downward to the point you marked and set your tape’s end here. With your right hand, keep on drawing your measuring tape down the length of the side of your horse and crossways to the buttocks’ area. Write your measurements down, adding both measurements to get the size of the whole blanket.
  • Now that you have the horse blanket’s complete measurements, you will begin to make your pattern. Place your pattern material on top of a smooth, even surface and draw in all the measurements of your horse on it, allowing it to fit the area of the material. Use your scissors to cut all around what you have drawn in which will now be the pattern of your horse blanket.

The good thing about making your own horse blanket is that you are able to choose any material you wish to use for it and spend a minimal amount of money. At the same time, your horse is comfortable with his blanket fit exactly to his size.


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