How To Make a Luxury Dog Bed

Photo of dog on its bed

Just like you, your pup needs a comfortable place to sleep in. And just like you, the finest dog bed is a haven for your buddy. Ideally, you should give your dog a cozy and safe spot where he can recline and dream sweetly. Don’t think though that you need to shell out a good amount of money to give your buddy the best bed he needs. By exerting a little effort, you can certainly give him a good night sleep.

Isn’t a far sweeter act to make your dog the kind of bed that will give him the comfort he needs? Of course it is. So now, if you want to give your dog what he deserves, you can make him a luxury dog bed. This way, you will not be required to spend $100 for the fabulous bed he will love.

Before you start your craft, make sure you have enough cushioning. After gathering the needed tools, you can refer to the following steps to guide you on how to craft the finest dog bed for your buddy:

  1. Estimate the size of your dog. This will serve as your basis for measurement when making adjustments. For instance, if you have a 35 pound dog, you can ideally have 16” X 21” size of bed dog.  Measure the bed cushion of your buddy and then add 1 and ½ inch to your measurement. Afterwards, get the plywood and cut it according to the measurements you just obtained from the dog bed cushion. The plywood will serve as the floor board.
  2. Get the table legs and connect each of those to every corner of the plywood you just cut. Use 4d nails and wood glue to attach them.
  3. Measure the space between the legs. Do this for the foot of the bed and its two sides. Afterwards, cut a 1”x1”x4” board based on the measurements you obtained. Connect those three pieces to the plywood (floorboard) wth wood glue and corner braces.
  4. This time, you need to measure the head of the bed by basing between the two legs. Cut another portion of plywood, which will serve as the head board for the dog bed. If you want it to look marvelous, you can exert a little extra effort to design it by painting it or cutting out designs with the jigsaw. After completing the design, you should also connect this using the wood glue and corner braces.
  5. Turn the bed upside down. Connect the mounting plate (straight top) to every floor board’s corner. Then, screw every bun feet directly into the plates.
  6. Turn the bed upside this time. Put some glue on a dowel plug up to every table leg’s top. Leave it until the glue is already dry. Sand down rough spots and use wood fillers to pack the holes. Prime it and then apply paint. Once it is dry, your luxury dog bed for your buddy is ready for use.

For sure, your buddy will love to spend the night on the luxury dog bed created by his master. Who knows? Maybe the neighbor’s dog might get jealous.


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