How To Make a Sling Carrier for Pets

Pet lovers like to be near their pets all the time, especially if they’re tiny and light enough to mobilize. However, taking them places may not always be so convenient, especially if you’re running errands and need both hands to accomplish them. For some, slings come very handy and give you and your pet the chance to bond. Also, sling carriers are convenient when you take your pets to animal friendly establishments for long periods of time. Your furry friends might get tired of walking and may want to be picked up and carried for the rest of your trip, just like small children do. Show your pet how much you love them and make your own sling carrier!

  • Buy the cloth you desire. The best thing about making your own sling is that you can personalize it. There are countless of fabric options at the garment store. Choose one that suits your pet’s personality and purchase a 50 inch by 30 inch piece. Make sure that the fabric you choose is comfortable and soft, not stiff and rough, as you don’t want to irritate your beloved pet’s skin. If you want to be more scientific about the size of the fabric, measure yourself first with a tape measure. Put one end of the tape measure on your shoulder, then wrap to your hip and over your back and back to the shoulder where the first end of the tape is. Multiply the measurement by two and add 25 more inches.

    You can also opt to use flannel or fleece blankets because these are so much cozier and comfortable for your pet. 

  • Get started by folding the fabric in half. Put the good sides together and then iron the fabric. Sew the shorter sides of the cloth to make seams of a half-inch each and then pull the fabric inside out.
  • Take the cloth and drape around your body like an asymmetrical dress. The short ends should meet at your shoulder. Adjust accordingly to get the right length and then pin into place using push pins. To secure, you can either knot the ends together so that it’s adjustable, or you can sew the ends closed. Put a padded map into the pouch that the sling forms in front of your torso then slip your pet in.
  • Put your own personal touch. There are so many things you can do to personalize your homemade pet sling. You can sew beads, tie-dye it, or even make a quilt for your sling! If you’ve got the resources, you can purchase a plain piece of cloth and have your pet’s pictures silk-screened on the fabric. You can embroider his or her name, or have it embroidered by a professional.

Making these slings is so easy and cost-friendly. An old blanket can even make for a good sling, especially if you’re on a budget. It’s important to make sure that your pet is comfortable and that his neck does not hit the top of the cloth to avoid gagging him.


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