How To Make Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Dogs are wonderful pets because they can be trained and are generally friendly with kids. If you keep dogs in your house, it’s best to keep them clean and smelling good. You might notice that at times, your pet seems to be scratching incessantly. You can check for lice or any other pests that potentially cause the itch or you can scrutinize your pet’s skin and check for dryness.

Dogs, just like humans, are affected by dry skin. If you own a pet with heavy fur, dry skin related problems might balloon into more serious matters such as asthma attacks to your children as dog’s fur can shed due to scratching. Constant bathing and drying the skin afterwards can alleviate developing of dry skin.

Another preferred treatment for dog’s dry skin is to use oatmeal shampoo instead of regular shampoo. Yes, you’ve read that right. Oatmeal not only does wonder to your health, but also contributes to maintaining healthy skin for you pets. Well, even humans do benefit from oatmeal soaps and body washes, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it to your canine friend.

Oatmeal contains healing characteristics that are beneficial for dogs. For many centuries, veterinarians and pet owners alike have witnessed and appreciated how oatmeal can do wonders to dogs’ skins. Use of oatmeal shampoo can soothe cracked skin, itchy skin and dryness.

There are several known brands of dog shampoos that use oatmeal as their bases. However, making your own oatmeal shampoo is too easy that you’d regret ever buying commercial types.

Note though that the oatmeal you use for breakfast needs further processing before you can turn them into shampoo. You need to convert your breakfast cereal into what people call “colloidal oatmeal”.

Do not be intimidated with the term “colloidal oatmeal”. This simply means that instead of using coarse oatmeal, you need to turn the oatmeal to a finer grain. This is made by putting your breakfast oatmeal into a blender to grind it to fine powder-like texture. Alternatively, you can use a coffee grinder to turn your oatmeal into the finest texture possible.

Obtain a cup of ground oatmeal. This could mean that you need to grind more than a cup of coarse oatmeal. You would also need a cup of baking soda, and a quart of warm water to make your oatmeal shampoo.

Simply mix all the ingredients together until you obtain an equal consistency. It’s that simple – you’ve just made your very own oatmeal shampoo for your dog. You can immediately use this shampoo or you can put it in a container and store at cold temperature. If you intend to work on you pet’s dry skin problems, it’s best to leave the shampoo for about ten minutes before you gently rinse your pet. If you want to lather the shampoo with ease, it is recommended to add a few drops of unscented and organic soap formula to the shampoo mixture.

Homemade oatmeal shampoo for your dogs is far better than buying commercially available shampoos as you are assured that nothing harmful is infused to the shampoo. Observe intently after each shampoo for any signs of improvements.


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