How To Make Pet Steps

Pets who are injured may find it hard to reach the places where they usually rest. For this, you need some pet steps that your pet can use. You can use the pet steps to help your pet get into your car or you can position it at home, so that your pet can climb on the couch easily. It is quite easy to make your own pet steps. Follow the instructions provided to learn how to do it.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need are Styrofoam sheets, non-skin aerosol spray, paint, staple gun, glue, utility knife, ruler and old newspapers.
  • Prepare your work area. First, prepare your work area by laying down some newspapers. Work on a flat surface. You can tape down the sides of the newspaper so that the edges won’t fly around. This will make cleaning up easier for you.
  • Work on the Styrofoam. Get the Styrofoam sheets and cut them down to size. The Styrofoam sheets will serve as the steps for your pet. First, cut the sheet and form a block for the first step. Measure only a few inches for the step so that your pet can easily climb on it. Make a second block, the width should be double that of the first block. Do this until you come up with the number of steps that you like for the pet steps.
  • Attach the blocks together. The next step is to attach the steps together. Use the glue to attach the Styrofoam blocks and allow them to dry completely before you move on to the next steps.
  • Paint the steps. When the glue is dry, you can already paint the steps in the color that you want. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Spray with non-skid aerosol. Spray the pet steps with non-skid aerosol when the paint is already dry. This will give your pet a sturdy grip while climbing on the pet steps. Let the aerosol spray dry before you let your pet use it.
  • Fabric. If you do not want to use paint on the steps, you can use some fabric or carpeting to cover the Styrofoam steps. Cut the fabric according to size and then staple it down on the Styrofoam steps using your staple gun.
  • Using the pet steps. You can use the pet steps and position it on your couch so that your pet can easily reach higher surfaces. You can also use the pet steps when you go out with your pet. Since it is made of Styrofoam, the steps are easy to transport so that you can bring it with you to the vet, pet grooming center, park, etc.

Now you know how to make your very own pet steps. If you have a bit of carpentry skills, you can make the pet steps by using some wood planks or plywood. This will make the pet steps sturdier and it will be better to use especially if your pet is a bit on the heavy side.


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