How To Show a Miniature Horse

Miniature horses are specially-bred horses, usually measuring 34 to 38 inches in height. They have complex personalities, and are quite known to interact with people. They are great as family pets, and are often kept as companion animals. Because they are so special, many people enlist their miniature horses in shows. These shows often have cash prizes and ribbons to give away to the horse with the best look and personality. If you want to enter a miniature horse at a show, there are a few things you need to consider. These simple, yet effective tips will help you show a miniature horse effectively.

Here are the tips on how to show a miniature horse:

  1. Make sure that your mini horse meets the requirements set by the show. Most miniature horse shows are strict about specific details of the horses. You might have to consider the weight and height of the horse. The gender, as well as the breed are also important in miniature horse shows. It would be best to look for a show division which is right for your mini horse.
  2. Train your horse well. A show-worthy horse needs to be very healthy. Make sure that your pet gets the right nutrition. Avoid underfeeding your horse. On the other hand, overfeeding him could be just as bad. Train your horse to obey your orders. Make sure that he learns how to listen well. It would be best to frequently ride your horse to ensure that you know how to control him.
  3. Groom your miniature horse well. Judges at miniature horse shows want to see well groomed horses. It would be best to trim your horse’s tail and mane. Make sure not to add a lot of product as you want it to look natural. Do not wait until the last minute to clip your horse’s hair. Also, it would be best to let a professional cut your mini horse’s hair if you do not have much experience. The hooves of the horse should also be trimmed so he looks clean.
  4. Choose the right accessories for the show. You will need two basic accessories for the show: a bridle and a headgear. The saddle is for you to sit on. It also adds a great touch to the look of the horse. Meanwhile, the headgear is to help you take control of the horse. You should also make sure that you yourself are dressed appropriately. Consult the show requirements just to be sure.
  5. A few nifty tricks could help you win over the judges. Baby powder can be used on horses as well! If the horse is white, a little baby powder will make the horse’s coat appear cleaner and whiter. Meanwhile, for darker mini horses, baby oil will help smoothen the coat and make it appear shinier and darker.

It takes a lot to prepare a show horse. These simple tips might come useful if you plan to show your miniature horse.


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