How To Take Care of a Betta Fish

Betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish. These vibrant and interactive fish can be a great choice for a pet if you prefer the low maintenance type. Bring home your new friend and follow these steps to be able to take care of a betta fish.

  1. Select a betta fish. The fish are available at pet stores for a reasonable price. Be choosey when selecting a fish. Observe the available fish for color and movement. The healthier fish will be most vibrant in color and will respond to movement.
  2. Select a home for your fish. Betta fish inhabit shallow water in the wild so you can provide a small, desktop home and still keep your new friend happy. If you have more room, however, then give your fish a bigger home. They can survive in small spaces but that doesn’t mean the fish wouldn’t like a bigger place. The size of the home is not the only decision to make when selecting a home. Betta fish can be kept in a fish bowl or vase with no filtration or in a tank with a filtration system. If you don’t have filtration then you will have to change the water at least once a week.
  3. Prepare the water. Don’t use water straight from the tap because it will be heavily chlorinated which can harm your fish. Instead use a water conditioner or prep the water for two days before using it. Prep the water by putting in the tank then letting it sit for the two days so the chloride can dissipate. Also remember that betta fish are tropical fish so the water should be warm.
  4. Once the water is prepared and warmed, welcome your new fish to his home. Float the bag with the betta inside so that the temperature in the bag will adjust to match the temperature in the tank. Slowly pour some of the tank water into the bag with the fish so that the betta acclimates to the chemicals and water condition. After ten or fifteen minutes, gently ease the fish out of the bag and into the tank without dumping the bagful of water into the tank. Do not dump the fish into the tank or try to grab him with a net as you could shock or injure your betta.
  5. Feed the fish once daily. Don’t overfeed or you could kill the fish. Lightly sprinkle some betta food into the tank. The size of the fish’s stomach is tiny so you need no more than a pinch into the tank.
  6. Keep the tank clean. Once you have the betta fish acclimated to his new home all you need to do is feed him daily and keep the fish clean once a week. Remove any buildup that grows on the tank sides and replace some of the water. Keep a couple gallon jugs near the tank so the temperature stays similar then remove some water and replace it once or twice a week.

Taking care of a betta fish can be a breeze. All you need to do is follow instructions and remember to care for your fish every day.


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Just another tip, becareful where you place your beta bowl. In the sun, or even a strong desk lamp can greatly increase the water tempature.

By Stephen Sandecki