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Small animals are great for people who want loving pets but don't have a lot of space for them, but where are you supposed to go to learn how to take care of that new hamster or gerbil? Well, you have found the perfect site. We have a number of articles written by people who are in the same boat as you are! If your new pet bird has to go get its wings clipped we have an article for that; if that cute little Shih Tzu has a vet appointment coming up and you want to know what you should bring or do, we have an article for that; or if you are just looking for some helpful pointers on what you should feed that adorable new guinea pig, we have that information for you as well.

Along with tons of articles on how to care for your pet, we also have links for great pet stores online. They offer superior pet products for that little angel that you just made part of your family. Whether you are in need of a special kind of food or an extra small leash for your new Pomeranian, it's easy to find pet supplies online. The articles featured on our site offer information about a wide range of specialty supplies catered to people who love their hamsters, guinea pigs or other small pets.

We have it all for you; just come and take a look! You won't be disappointed with what we have to offer you. All of our helpful guides are written by people who know what it is like to need the right answers for any pet problem.

More Small Pets Articles

  • How To Play with your Pet Snail

    While some prefer dogs, cats, or birds for their pets, some prefer snails. And like all other pets, pet snails should also be well taken care of. You should feed them,...
  • How To Teach a Rabbit Tricks

    At first glance you may think that rabbits are dumb and just look cute and cuddly. You may even think that maybe you made the wrong decision when you chose a rabbit as...
  • How To Teach a Rabbit Not to Chew Furniture

    You may think that a rabbit only knows how to hop around, munch food all day long and reproduce. But a rabbit is capable of something more than just being a cute,...
  • How To Teach a Pet Rabbit to Come

    Rabbits are creatures far from the usual dogs and cats as pets, but this doesn't mean that they cannot be trained. In fact, you'd be surprised at how eager and how...
  • How To Teach a Pet Chipmunk Tricks

    Yes, chipmunks can also be pets. Probably not your first choice, but they're so small, cute, and adorable that you’ll soon change your mind. Apart from their natural...
  • How To Show 4-H Rabbits

    Engaging in 4-H rabbit shows and ARBA (American Rabbit Breeder Association) shows is a great way to develop animal cultivation skills, love for animals and a general...
  • How To Use Fleece Bedding in a Guinea Pig Cage

    If you’re a guinea pig lover, for sure you are well aware of the things you need in caring for your pet. When it comes to bedding, fleece nowadays takes the market....
  • How To Train your Guinea Pig

    If you want a small pet that’s both playful and adorable, get a guinea pig. Cuddly and cute, guinea pigs are trainable just like cats and dogs. Here are some...
  • How To Reduce Odor from Your Pet Ferret

    A ferret can be a wonderful pet but it has a natural odor that can bother most people. Ferrets have scent glands located near their anus which they use to mark their...
  • How To Identify Rabbit Diseases

    Rabbits can meet an early death just as fast as they breed because they are extremely susceptible to diseases. Learn more to help your pet.
  • How To Make a Squirrel Feeder

    Want to feed the local squirrels? Use these tips to make your own feeder. Here's how to make a squirrel feeder.
  • How To Design & Build a Rabbit Hutch

    Here's help on how to design and build a rabbit hutch; it does not require special skills in carpentry and the kids will be impressed!
  • How To Keep a Pet Ground Squirrel

    A ground squirrel can make a cute and entertaining pet if you follow these tips to make your ground squirrel happy.
  • How To Teach a Pet Hermit Crab Tricks

    Need help teaching hermit crabs cool tricks? Get tips for practicing tricks with your hermit crab. Here's how to teach a pet hermit crab tricks.
  • How To Exercise Your Rabbit

    Just like pet dogs and cats, rabbits need exercise to survive. You may not be able to run with it like a dog, but here are tips on how to exercise your rabbit.
  • How To Raise Mealworms and Superworms

    Although a lot of small pets are fed lab blocks and other pre-manufactured food, most small pets will enjoy mealworms and superworms that you raise yourself.
  • How To Create a Habitat for Dwarf Hamsters

    If you decide you want to care for a dwarf hamster, you will need to make a habitat for it in your own home.
  • How To Choose a Dwarf Hamster Cage

    Because the cage will serve as your dwarf hamster’s home, the cage should be exactly that—a home. Here are some tips in choosing for a dwarf hamster cage.
  • How To Care for a Hamster with Wet Tail

    Wet tail also affects other small animals, but hamsters are the favorite targets of wet tail, especially the baby hamsters.
  • How To Buy Chinchilla Cages

    While you can build your own Chinchilla cage, many good homes are available at pet stores and online shops. Prior to making your purchase, consider the following tips.
  • How To Catch a Gerbil on the Loose

    Looking for a pet gerbil that has escaped its cage is not easy. The good news is, you can set up a trap so that you can easily catch your gerbil that is on the loose.
  • How To Build an Indoor Habitat for a Pet Squirrel

    A pet squirrel is an animal that can be kept inside. However, in order to keep the squirrel healthy, a functional indoor habitat must be built.
  • How To Make Squirrel Food

    To learn how to make squirrel food, simply remember their favorite things.
  • How To Make Hamster Toys

    In making hamster toys, make sure you use only light materials. Never use steel or aluminum because they could be hazardous for your pets.
  • How To Build a Rodent Maze

    Building a rodent maze is an easy and fun thing to do for just about any age. It can serve as a science project or as an entertaining tool for pet rodents.
  • How To Make a Hermit Crab Habitat

    Though Hermit Crabs are simple pets, they still need specific care. Hermit Crabs need a habitat with certain elements and need a certain amount of humidity.
  • How To Make a Hamster Toilet

    Making a toilet for a rodent seems silly, but it's actually very easy to do and hamsters generally learn to use it pretty quickly if it'd done right.
  • How To Litter Train Your Rabbit in One Week

    Did you know that you can litter train not only cats, but rabbits too? It can take as little as one week to litter train your rabbit.
  • How To Keep Ants Out of Pet Food Storage Containers

    It can feel especially frustrating to open up your pet food storage container only to discover a colony of ants is having a picnic in your cat or dog chow.
  • How To Know if a Pet Guinea Pig Is Ill

    Skin issues are one of the first signs of a sick guinea pig. Learn to tell when a guinea pig is ill because it will rarely recover without the care of a veterinarian.
  • How To Know if a Pet Hermit Crab Is Sick

    Hermit crabs are hardy little creatures, but it is possible for them to get sick. Learn the signs of a sick pet hermit crab, when to bathe it and when to isolate it.
  • How To Keep Odors to a Minimum with a Ferret

    When looking into keeping a ferret, you may be wondering before purchasing the pet if it is possible to keep the animal from smelling badly over time.
  • How To Prepare Your Pet for the Vet

    You can do a lot of things for your pet that will help make visiting the veterinary clinic an enjoyable experience. Here's how to get started.
  • How To Find Bunny Cages

    A cage is one thing you need when you have bunnies as pets. Here's how to use online resources to help you find a cage for your bunny.
  • How To Cope with Your Pet's Uncontrollable Urination

    If your dog often urinates uncontrollably, then he may be experiencing submissive or excitement urination. Learn steps to overcome both problems.
  • How To Set Up a Hermit Crab Habitat

    Having hermit crabs for pets is not as easy as some may think. One of the main components when having crabs for pets is the Crab Habitat or Crabitat.
  • How To Find Pet Costumes

    Every major holiday is a chance to dress up your pet in the most festive of colors. Here are some tips to find pet costumes.
  • How To Care for a Yorkshire Terrier

    If you own a Yorkie, or are thinking about adding one to your life, read this article to become informed about caring for this pint-sized breed.
  • How To Help Animals with PETA

    Animals like any other creatures deserve the good watch that they can get especially from people who possess a far more understanding of life. Along with the trees and...
  • How To Care for a Disabled Rabbit

    Rabbits are one of the cutest animals to have as a household pet. Caring for a disabled or a partially paralyzed rabbit could take lot of time, effort, attention and...
  • How To Buy Pet Medication

    We would do anything for our pets. But they sure can be expensive at times! Save a few dollars the next time your pet needs extra care by buying your pet's medication...
  • How To Make Pet Furniture

    Your pets are like members of the family. So why not give them furniture to spruce up their life? You can easily make pet furniture that your pet will love. Here are...
  • How To Choose a Pet Rat Cage

    Rats are friendly and can also be great pets. Because they are tiny, they are easy to take care of and have very little demands. What’s essential is for them to be...
  • How To Choose a Squirrel Feeder

    Squirrels are charming furry little creatures. However, they are considered a pest by most people and if birds could talk, they will most likely tell us that these...
  • How To Choose a Small Pet

    When choosing a small pet, consider how much time you have to dedicate to the upkeep of your new companion. Many small mammals are physically easy to care for but...
  • Choose Pet Cages

    One of the basics of pet ownership is finding an adequate living space for your pet.   There are many different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from.  It may seem...
  • How To Tell the Sex of a Guinea Pig

    Deciphering whether your guinea pig is male or female can be very important if you are getting more than one and deciding whether you should put them in the same cage....
  • Raise Guinea Pigs

    The guinea pig is a small rodent that has become popular as a household pet since its introduction in the 16th century by European traders. They are not creatures...
  • Buy Guinea Pigs

    When you make the decision to buy guinea pigs, you will find that careful planning and research will help to make the transition much smoother. When you buy guinea...
  • Sell a Tarantula

    Tarantulas are very fascinating spiders. They are also very beautiful and quite large spiders. If you are a tarantula breeder and looking for ways to increase your...