How To Find a Real Estate Newsletter

If you are looking to get into the real estate market, or simply to increase your knowledge about this industry it is wise to invest, or search out a real estate newsletter. Newsletters can come in a variety of ways (electronic, flyer, etc.) and have varying degrees of quality. Here are some tips on real estate newsletters.

  1. Online: Freebies. Go to Google and type in "Real Estate Newsletter." You'll find a plethora of offerings, mostly free, for such newsletters. While they may have good information, be cautious at first. Some of these real estate newsletters are really just advertisements for the particular company producing them. See if the newsletter features only one mortgage broker, or one real estate agency. If it does, it does not mean the real estate newsletter is bad-just be aware that it may be more of an ad than an informative document. If the real estate newsletter asks for your phone number, expect a call from some sort of broker asking if you want to buy or sell. Come on, you know it goes with the territory of signing up for free things on the internet!
  2. Online: Pay For Subscription. You'll have to pay for some of the more reputable services. Ask around for advice on what real estate newsletter is the best (mortgage brokers, real estate agents, friends, family, etc.). If you are going to pay for a service you'll want to make sure it is good! See if you can order the real estate newsletter at no risk for a specific period of trial time.
  3. Real Estate Firms: Mailings. Some brokerages offer real estate newsletters. Mailings can be offered to clients that have requested so. Although they do come from a specific company, these real estate newsletters tend to be more balanced and informative, since, presumably you have already approached the firm for assistance (whereas the online companies are reaching out for initial contact). These newsletters may give helpful hints on where to find a mortgage broker, what current rates are, and how many homes have sold in your area in the last week, month, and so-on.
  4. Real Estate Firms: Electronic Updates. Some real estate firms set up an electronic system whereby clients will receive publications via email. Helpful topics ranging from home improvement ideas to loan consolidation tips can be found in these emails.
  5. Mortgage Companies: Kings of Information. Mortgage companies are a goldmine for information. Most mortgage companies have some sort of real estate newsletter or publication, be it in mailing form or via the internet. Sign up for a few newsletters with several brokers. Indicate that you are interested in gaining more knowledge and leave it at that. The publication service is not costing the brokers anything or much (especially the online service), so do not feel bad.
  6. Other Known Publications. Do you already have a subscription to a magazine, newsletter, or publication that you find helpful and insightful? If so, do some research and see if that company has a real estate newsletter. Chances are if they do, it too, will be informative and useful.
  7. Alternate to Newsletters: Magazines. If you aren't satisfied by real estate newsletters, there are many real estate magazines available for purchase and for free. Take a trip to your local (or one of your local!) real estate companies and/or mortgage brokerage. Chances are there are a few publications (free) for you to take. Among the magazines with fancy homes and designer landscaping you may just find an informative publication on the real estate market. Ask anyone in the office what they think is the most helpful publication to use. If you tell them you are in the market for a new house, you can bet they will be polite to you!

The real estate market can be as confusing as the stock market if you let it be. As with everything, knowledge is power-so do your research. The more publications you read and the more opinions you seek out the more you will become familiar and comfortable with the industry. Real estate newsletters, both online and in mailing form, are great aides to this cause. Good luck!


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