How To Find Used Dozers

If you're starting your own construction business, one of the first items of heavy equipment that you will need is a bulldozer.  The most practical way to purchase a dozer is to locate a used one in good condition, which can save you as much as $200,000 over buying new.  Locating used dozers can be a bit tricky, though.  You can't exactly head over to the bulldozer dealership downtown, as you canwhen buying a car.  Here are a few places to begin your search:

  1. Auctions.  Keep an eye out for construction businesses which may be liquidating their assets.  Many auction services may also periodically have heavy equipment auctions, where they sell machinery that they have accumulated from various sources.  These auctions are usually advertised in local newspapers and in trade publications.  If you are interested in a dozer that you see at an auction, be sure to get a complete history of the machine, as well as an inspection report.  Even a used dozer is a major investment.
  2. Classifieds.  While most dozers won't be advertised for sale in your hometown newspaper, they may be listed in newspapers that are published specifically to advertise heavy equipment for sale.  Two heavy equipment newspapers are Heavy Equipment Trader and Contractors Hotline.  A newspaper stand or convenience store will usually have copies of such publications.  They are generally provided at very little or no cost.
  3. Online.  There are many websites which are devoted to the sale of used construction equipment.  Of course, in order to guarantee that the dozer you locate is in usable condition, you may need to travel a bit.  While inspection reports are great, they are no substitute for actually seeing the dozer in person.  The following websites have many used dozers to from which to choose, in a variety of locations, so you may even find one that's in your neighborhood.
    • IronPlanet  IronPlanet doesn't have quite as extensive a collection of dozers as some sites, but they do offer the "IronClad Guarantee," which means that one of the IronPlanet inspectors has personally seen the item and taken wear-related measurements, taken photographs and inspected key components.  In some cases, this may include taking fluid samples.  IronPlanet also has an easily accessible toll-free customer service number listed at the top of every page.
    • Machinery Trader  If you know exactly which year, model and type of dozer you want, this is the site to visit.  They have thousands of dozers in every price range.  Machinery Trader has the most comprehensive listing of dozers that you will find on the web.
    • Equipment Trader  This is the online counterpart to the Heavy Equipment Trader publication discussed above.  If you see a dozer listing in their newspaper, but you want more information, this website can give you a more thorough picture of the dozer for sale.  You also have the option of selecting the dozers in which you are most interested so that it's easier to find and compare them after you have browsed through all of the listings.

If none of these avenues produce the dozer of your dreams, don't underestimate word of mouth.  You never know when a local construction company will be ready to trade in a used dozer for a newer model.  You may end up with a great deal just by being in the right place at the right time!


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