Agnosticism & Atheism

Are you an agnostic or atheist looking for an informative resource? If so, this is the site for you; we have a number of articles that can help you articulate your arguments. We have a collection of pieces ranging from enjoying holidays as an atheist to more knowledge-based sections regarding different types of agnosticism and atheism. Our thought-provoking articles are sure to be of interest to anyone who's pursuing a lifestyle apart from the world's major religions.

Our articles delve into philosophically based viewpoints and the fundamental beliefs of atheists and agnostics. This is a great place to start if you'd like clarification on the terms or want to obtain some concrete knowledge on the subject. Other articles explore the stereotypical view in our society of atheists as "bad people." The reputation of atheists is discussed; our articles offer tips on how to be proud of your beliefs and how to educate others. The bad reputation doesn't have to stay with atheists forever and our articles are a great start toward dispelling those myths.

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