Buddhism is one of the oldest practicing religions and one that, thanks to Hollywood, is increasingly "chic." The following articles will help explain some of the philosophies of Buddhism.

If you are curious about how to make a Tibetan Buddhist's robe, there are instructions for this; you can also learn how to meditate and discover some of the information found in Buddhism's most sacred texts.

There is a guide for making Mala prayer beads. The beads promote inner peace and are meant to be personal to the one who strings them. The mantra that is used while holding the beads during meditation must be identified ahead of time, and our articles can help you select the perfect mantra for you.

Tips are offered on meditation practices; meditation is of the central points of Buddhism and is a growing trend in the Western world as well. With stress at an all-time high, conscious relaxation offers nearly everyone an opportunity to de-stress, and our articles will help you do just that.

This site also explores conflicts among different Buddhist ethnic groups -- from Catholics and Protestants in Great Britain to the plight of the Sudanese in Africa.

For those hoping to achieve Nirvana, author Diego Cintra explains a number of aspects of Buddhism which will help with this. Our articles can help give you insight and help you reach enlightenment -- but they are also helpful for those who are simply curious about this rich and fascinating religion.

More Buddhism Articles

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