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More Christianity Articles

  • How To Plan Activities for Women’s Ministry

    A Women's Ministry is only as good as the activities you plan for your Women's Ministry meetings.
  • How To Give a Good Sermon

    Sermons can be very boring and uninteresting to a lot of people. This is true especially if the sermon is not planned, constructed and delivered well. Hence, it is...
  • How To Teach a Sunday School Lesson on Mark 1:29-33

    Teaching Sunday school does not need not be a hardship: the important thing is that you work towards having a deep understanding of the passages and Bible story that...
  • How To Teach a Church Youth Group

    The youth are the next leaders of tomorrow. They will run the future governments, future corporations, and future families. This is why it is important to have them...
  • How To Teach a Children's Church Lesson on Faith

    Faith is one of the fundamental lessons that you have to teach in the children’s church experience. It is the lesson that will help establish the kids’...
  • How To Teach a Bible Study Lesson on the Angel Gabriel

    The Angel Gabriel is one the most popular angels from the Bible. He is believed to be one of the most important messengers from the Christian God and is also highly...
  • How To Teach a Bible Lesson for Teens on Calming Life's Storms

    The teenage years can be quite a tumultuous and trying time for many people. This time period is marked by many physical changes that are triggered by hormones in a...
  • How To Write a Sermon

    Back in the day, organized religions saw to it that only priests, pastors, and a select few lay ministers or elders were allowed to deliver sermons in front of the...
  • How To Tithe on a Budget

    Oftentimes, you may sincerely want to set aside some of your hard earned earnings for charitable work and other offerings to help in God’s work but can’t seem to...
  • How To Tithe

    The word tithe is derived from ten, which was considered a magical number in the olden days associated with increase. It was believed back then that if one set aside a...
  • How To Fast & Pray for Spiritual Power from God

    Fasting can be a powerful way to pray and connect with God to access spiritual power you can bring into your life.
  • How To Have a Church Fundraiser Dinner

    Most of the time, a church fundraiser dinner readily turns off people like you. You may have the tendency to be skeptical. You may think that the church is actually...
  • How To Make a Coat of Many Colors Bible Craft

    The Coat of Many Colors is a classic Bible school crafts project that is fun for kids and a great way to share the store of Joseph.
  • How To Make Authentic Rosary Beads

    Praying the rosary is a dedication to the Virgin Mary and is made up of a fixed number of particular prayers. Learn how to make your own rosary beads.
  • How To Make Anglican Prayer Beads

    The Anglican prayer beads are a combination of the Roman Catholic rosary and the Jesus prayer rope of the Orthodox Church.
  • How To Make a Bible Go-Fish Game

    Go-fish is a popular kids’ game as it is easy to teach. You can customize the game as a teaching aide for improving a kid’s math or vocabulary.
  • How To Live a Spirit Filled Life

    Living a spirit-filled life is based on faith. Here are 3 important elements to reflect on in order to truly live a life full of spirit and faith.
  • How To Make a Welcoming Brochure for a Church

    For first-timers to any particular church, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. There could be a lot of questions going on in their heads about how the church...
  • How To Honor a Pastor

    A pastor can be a true pillar in our lives and in our community, yet we rarely take the time to honor a good pastor for his or her work.
  • How To Have a Vibrant Prayer Life

    A key part of a truly faithful religious life is a vibrant prayer life, but today's lifestyle makes prayer particularly difficult.
  • How To Find a Catholic Spiritual Director

    Are you a Catholic looking for guidance? Get religion and spirituality tips to help. Here's how to find a Catholic spiritual director.
  • How To Enjoy your Quiet Time with God

    Every spiritual person needs a little quiet time with God to deepen his or her faith and connection to God, but it takes practice.
  • How To Cast Water Spells

    Many cultures believe that water has particular spiritual properties associated with life, and so there are many ways to cast water spells.
  • How To Find the Meaning of Life Through Christ

    Want to find meaning? Learn about how the lessons of Christianity can show you the way. Here's how to find the meaning of life through Christ.
  • How To Make an Ark of the Covenant Replica for Sunday School

    Follow these steps to create and Ark of the Covenant replica for your Sunday School class.
  • How To Choose Catholic Funeral Music

    Here are tips on choosing Catholic funeral music to achieve the right mood but also encourage healing for the mourners.
  • How To Bless a New Home

    Consider these hints and ideas when you would like to bless a new home for the health, safety, and happiness of the family about to live there.
  • How To Attend a Latin Mass

    A Latin mass is unlike the regular Catholic mass. It's formal and filled with ritual. For Christians who've never been to one before, the mass can be a very moving...
  • How To Start a Youth Ministry

    You can set up a Youth Ministry on your own or with the help of local churches to bring the Word of God to young people today.
  • How To Find the Right Christian Church to Join

    As a Christian, the right church can be very much like another home, but you need to find the right Christian church first, particularly if you have just moved.
  • How To Choose a Large-Print Bible

    One of the usual problems that Christians encounter is the small size of the text in the Bible. Here’s how you can choose a large print bible.
  • How To Celebrate National Bible Week

    National Bible week is a celebration that is observed by Christians around the world. During this time, they focus on their religion and read scriptures in the Bible.
  • How To Make Holy Water

    Holy water is an important element in the Catholic faith, as it symbolizes cleansing and the washing away of sins. It is also used in many rituals and blessings.
  • How To Understand Religious Freedom

    Because of the many types of religions, intolerance is one of the most frequent results, and religious freedom has not become a a universal right.
  • How To Be Gay and Christian

    There are now many liberal Christian churches that uphold the rights of gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual congregants. Homosexuality is not a sin.
  • How To Lead a Religious Life

    A religious life is a life focused on the belief in, and worship of, a higher power. Read tips to lead a rewarding religious life.
  • How To Find a Christian Summer Camp

    Want your children to have fun and fulfilling summer activities while nurturing their Christian character? Find a Christian summer camp!
  • How To Teach Children About the Golden Rule

    The Golden Rule goes back to Biblical times. Jesus instructed his followers to do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
  • How To Make a Catholic Rosary

    For a truly special rosary for a gift or for yourself, you should consider making your own Catholic rosary. It is not difficult at all.
  • How To Live With Faith in God

    Living with faith is the belief in God’s existence and deep love for Him. You must be assured that He will be there in good times and bad.
  • How To Increase Your Faith in God

    For some who can’t seem to accomplish their obligations as a Christian, the best thing to do is to look for ways on how to increase one’s faith in God.
  • How To Plan Activities for a Women’s Ministry

    The role of women has always been a vital part in every organization. They make a significant difference with their commitment. They devote their time, talents and...
  • How To Participate in a Youth Ministry

    Here are some tips on how you can join a youth ministry and the advantages of doing so.
  • How To Greet an Orthodox Bishop

    This article briefly describes what a Bishop is, what their responsibilities are in the Orthodox Church, what the Orthodox Church is, and the proper ways to greet an...
  • How To Take Communion in a Catholic Church

    If it's been a long time since you went to church, just use these tips to help you remember the process of taking Communion in the Catholic Church.
  • How To Make Prayer Cards

    The use of prayer cards in today's society is becoming much more common. It's easy and fun to make a prayer card of your own.
  • How To Make Praise Banners

    To make a good praise banner, be sure the content fits your church, the fabric will hang without bunching, and the materials are durable.
  • How To Make a Prayer Kneeler

    A prayer kneeler is small wooden stand that one kneels upon while praying. They're not hard to make; learn to complete this simple project.
  • How To Become a Missionary

    Becoming a missionary will be a tough decision at any stage in life, so remain open to all possibilities and go where your heart leads.
  • How To Get a Godparent Certificate

    Godparent certificates are a great way to celebrate your child's godparents. You can make your own or you can purchase a godparent certificate.