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  • How To Find a Catholic Priest

    Locating a Catholic priest can be very easy if you know where to look or who to contact for information.
  • How To Christen a Baby

    The christening ceremony signifies that your baby will be brought up as a child of God, in one of the many Christian faiths.
  • How To Make an Offering at Church

    If you wish to make an offering at church, there many ways to go about doing so. Learn to make your offering in the appropriate manner.
  • How To Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough

    There are different reasons why people engage in fasting, and one of them is to a have a spiritual breakthrough. Here's how to understand fasting.
  • How To Get a Baptismal Certificate

    It can be challenging to find a baptismal certificate if information has gone missing, but these suggestions will give you a good start.
  • How To Conduct a Church Business Meeting

    A church business meeting allows members to solve problems and grow in faith in a safe atmosphere. It's important that attendees understand consensus.
  • How To Bless a Home

    The ceremony to bless your home can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish it to be. Learn some of the more popular ways to bless your home.
  • How To Make a Church Calendar

    The church calendar is an item that will either control you or you will control it. A great church calendar should be planned at least a year in advance.
  • How To Find Christian Dating Sites

    Here's how to find a decent Christian dating Web site and also some to stay away from.
  • How To Understand the Rosary in the Catholic Church

    Praying the Rosary is a tradition in the Catholic Church, considered as a powerful prayer. Here's how to learn more about the Rosary.
  • How To Buy Books about Christianity Online

    If you look for books about Christianity in your local bookstore, you might end up being a bit disappointed with the small selection that you are likely to find.
  • How To Become a Saint

    Becoming a saint requires a life's dedication to the ways of the Catholic Church both in prayer and in actions.
  • How To Choose a Patron Saint

    A lot of Catholics and Christians have patron saints that they pray to for intercession to Jesus.
  • How To Have St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

    March 17th is a day notorious for people donning green and downing pints of beer. There are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Here's some tips to help you...
  • How To Understand The Serenity Prayer

    Here is a brief background on the Serenity Prayer and how it is often used.
  • How To Understand Angels and Demons

    Here's how to learn more facts about angels and demons and help answer popular questions about the two prominent figures.
  • How To Start Your Own Bible Study Group

    If a Bible study group does not currently exist in your church or area, then you can start one. It may start as a group of interested adults within the same age range.
  • How To Get Free Online Bible Study Materials

    There are tons of websites that provide free Bible study materials, but I would like to help you with searching for free Bible study materials and lessons online.
  • How Prayer Heals

    Prayer is one means of communicating with a higher being, and for Christians, praying can also be the means to ask for favors and such as to heal a physical condition.
  • How To Argue with an Atheist

    Sometime in the life of a Christian man or woman, he or she will come meet an aggressive non-believer, and you will want to know how to argue with an atheist.
  • Meditating for Beginners

    The most important thing for a beginner who wants to meditate is to have patience. Meditation requires a lot of patience from the person who wants to practice it. It...
  • How To Fast During the Lenten Season

    Lent is a Christian observance that usually lasts from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday. These 40 days of lent are traditionally accompanied by fasting. Abstinence is...
  • How To Discern Danger

    Danger is a situation where life is at risk. It comes in many forms: calamities, accidents and crimes.
  • How To Be Closer to God

    One can have everything in this world but still may feel incomplete. There might be various reasons involved and surely, one of those is a distant relationship with...
  • How To Make a Mini-Religious Pilgrimage

    A step-by-step guide to one of the oldest forms of devotion on the planet.
  • How To Be Patient

    When things are going good and times are simple, we can all say that patience is simple and easy. Anyone can wait for anything so long as it doesn't cost him anything....
  • How To Communicate with God through Prayer Journaling

    There are many ways to stay close to God, but praying is the main key to staying close to him. But what if you have a hard time praying out loud? If you have a hard...
  • How To Understand the First Four Commandments

    The first stone tablet that God gave Moses had four commandments on it. These commandments focus on a Christian's relationship to God. Therefore it is very important...
  • How To Overcome Doubt

    Doubt is a puzzle with negative feelings about something that is unclear--doubt weakens our trust in God. By admitting to our doubts, the honesty will help resolve...
  • Fasting and Praying for God’s Spiritual Power

    The purpose of Christian fasting is to strengthen your faith so you can spiritually conquer your sinful desires through a spiritual awakening. Once your sinful desires...
  • How To Memorize Scripture

    Memorizing Scripture and applying it to our daily lives cannot be stressed enough. It is surprising how often pieces of Scripture floating in one’s brain can make...
  • How To Find Other Christian Singles

    Remember the old adage that says, Birds of a feather flock together? That bring us to the need of helping other single Christian find those of there kind. It is in...
  • How To Get to Heaven

    There is a heaven, and there is only one way to get there. Jesus is that way, and the Bible tells us how.
  • How To Become a Born Again Christian

    Highlights of the steps to be taken to become a born-again Christian, different from mere religious worship without life. This article describes how to turn from a...
  • How To Live Happily with Your Wife

    My fellow men, hear me -- the peasant farmer in Colombo and the oil rig owner in Texas have one thing in common: they are both capable of finding women of their choice...
  • How To Reap What You Sow in the Kingdom of God

    While the earth and heaven remains, seed time and harvest.... summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease
  • How To Keep a Spiritual Journal

    Seeing one’s thoughts on paper is like holding a piece of your life in your hands. You can look at the journey you’ve taken, meditate on choices you’ve made, and...
  • How To Excel in Your Studies

    Learning how to strive for excellence and how to appreciate what comes at the end.
  • How To Overcome an Inferiority Complex as a Christian

    Some of us have had very bad backgrounds, but that does not count anymore for if anyone is in Christ, the old has passed and all is new.
  • How To Support Your Pastor

    As we minister to you spiritual things, ye also minister unto us with material things.
  • How To Succeed as a Prayer Champion

    People go to overnight prayers and cannot go beyond two hours because they didn't have items to pray for. The prayer session becomes boring and the night is wasted....
  • How To Succeed in Life as a Youth

    Remember God in thy youth and let not the fantasies of that age overshadow God in your life. Put Him first in whatever you do. Seek His guidance in whatever you intend...
  • How To Create an Effective Sermon

    Bear in mind that the sermon you preach to prisoners is slightly different from the one to the luncheon of a professional group, and also different from a school...
  • How To Preside Over a Sunday Service

    If you are appointed to a position to lead a Sunday service or any church service, you are full of anxiety, especially if it is your first time. You can sometimes feel...
  • How To Remember that Jesus Loves You

    Jesus has promised that he will never leave nor forsake us. Even when things are going wrong around us, his presence is guaranteed.
  • How To Explain Santa Claus to Your Kids

    You don't want to lie to your kids, but you don't want to rob them of the magic of a childhood Christmas. There are many ways to avoid both, and make the truth just as...
  • How To Find Bible Passages the Easy Way

    There are several ways in which you can attack finding a certain passage in the Holy Bible. You can either use the tools that are available or you can develop your own...
  • How To Join the LDS Church

    Before becoming an official member of the LDS Church, persons are urged to do study and pray about their course of action. Here are some tips to help you learn about...
  • How To Understand the Holy Trinity

    When you are introduced to a concept as tough to understand as the trinity, put it into words. You can work with it from there.
  • How To Plan a Trip to the Holy Land

    Do you keep putting off your visit to Israel, as if it's a trip you can make only once in a lifetime? Are you intending to go someday when your kids are grown, or your...