Hinduism is a multifaceted religion; in many ways, it isn't really a religion so much as a way of life. Here, that way of life is explained. It may be difficult to believe that there still are doubts and questions about one of the world's largest religions; however, the articles on this site may help the doubts about Hinduism vanish.

You will find articles explaining how to achieve Siddhis, which are states to supernatural powers; understanding the soul and the self, which involves both the outward and inward selves; and celebrating Navratri, nine sacred nights of thanksgiving for the victory of the good over the evil.

There also are articles that can help one succeed in meditation, a difficult exercise for many who jump in with enthusiasm and quickly lose interest. But with the proper preparation, meditation can be helpful in many endeavors, whether one is Hindu or not.

Despite its history, Hinduism frequently is misunderstood. There are various schools of Hinduism, and this site attempts to dispel all misconceptions. You will learn where the idea of 330 million Gods came from, as well as how Karma factors into one's life.

There are articles which cover how to conduct oneself in a Hindu temple and how to choose Hindu baby names. For those with questions about converting to Hinduism, information regarding this procedure and the caste system can also be found on our site.

More Hinduism Articles

  • How To Tackle Tough Situations

    Need help when you're in a tough situation? Use this guide to help you make the right decision in a sticky situation.
  • How To Obtain Siddhis

    There are many degrees of siddhis, which are desired states of being to obtain supernatural powers. Siddhis are part of Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • How To Control Divine Forces

    The force or power we see in the world may be divided into two - one is known force and other is unknown force. What people do in their daily life is the example of...
  • How To Celebrate Annabhishekam in Siva Temples in India

    Abhishekam is the process of bathing the deity. According to Siva Agamas (pooja rules) abhishekam is considered as one part of the shodashopachara pooja. Annabhishekam...
  • How To Celebrate the Hindu Festival Skanda Shashti (Lord Subramanya)

    Skanda Shashti or Shashti is the unique festival dedicated to Lord Subramanya or Lord Muruga or Kartik. It is celebrated in Southern States of India i.e. Tamil Nadu,...
  • How To Celebrate Navaratri with Golu

    Navratri - The nine sacred nights, is a festival celebrated with great fervor both religiously and socially all over India to commemorate the victory of the good over...
  • How To Understand Azhwars and Vaishanvism

    The Vaishnavism is one of the pre-eminent traditions of Hinduism. Vaishnava tradition in India reckons 12 Azhwars. They deeply immerse themselves in their devotion and...
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa: Hindu Chants and Mantras

    Hanuman Chalisa, the holy devotional work written by Goswami Tulsidas in the sixteenth century, has gained enormous popularity among Hindus living the world over. With...
  • How To Perform Sundara Kandam Parayanam

    You may know that 'Ramayana' is the story of Lord Rama. Rama Avatar is one of the Ten Incarnations (Dasavatharam) of Lord Vishnu. Sage Valmiki has written Ramayana in...
  • How To Understand Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States

    Brihadaranyaka Upanishad interprets and describes vividly waking, dreaming and deep sleep states experienced by the self/soul of a being. Every being has a self. This...
  • How To Study the Bhagavad Gita

    Bhagavad-Gita is the essence of Vedas, the sacred Hindu texts. It shows us the way to be a complete human being. It urges us to realize the absolute Truth.
  • How To Search for God

    The ancient Indian saints and sages were most advanced in their spiritual pursuit. They composed voluminous texts named 'Vedas' in order to describe their spiritual...