Judaism has a long and rich history; from Abraham to the current state of Israel it has been at the forefront of the world stage. The experts on our site can teach you how to wrap a tellifin, buy a shofar, plan a Bar Mitzvah, know whether food is kosher, keep the Sabbath, and many more subjects relating to Jewish law. The Jewish culture is equally instructive and intriguing, whether you are looking for information on how to play dreidel, celebrate Hanukkah, buy a menorah, or just enhance your Jewish studies, you can increase your education as you examine the articles our site has to offer.

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More Judaism Articles

  • How To Make a Kippah

    Follow these straightforward instructions to make your own kippah or yarmulke for Jewish services or events.
  • How To Become a Moyel

    A very important milestone in a Jewish boy's life is his circumcision. This very important and very complex procedure is usually performed by a Moyel (Mohel).
  • How To Wrap Tefillin

    There are a number of steps involved to properly lay tefillin. Learn how to lay tefillin in the traditional way.
  • How To Buy a Shofar

    A shofar is used to perform the Jewish call to worship. It’s traditionally made of a hollowed ram's horn. When buying a shofar, consider your needs.
  • How To Order Greetings from the White House

    If you or someone you know is celebrating a special occasion, you can write to the White House and request that the president acknowledge the special date with a...
  • How To Plan a Bar Mitzvah

    Here are some basic guidelines and tips for planning this very special event in your child's life.
  • How To Excel in Your Studies

    Learning how to strive for excellence and how to appreciate what comes at the end.
  • How To Plan a Trip to the Holy Land

    Do you keep putting off your visit to Israel, as if it's a trip you can make only once in a lifetime? Are you intending to go someday when your kids are grown, or your...
  • How To Know If Food is Kosher

    Perhaps now, more than any other time in history, it is easy to determine what foods in the supermarket are kosher. With pre-printed packaging, it is as easy as...
  • Avoid Being Seen as a Shiksa: Jewish Traditions and Customs

    Shiksa is Yiddish slang for a woman who is not Jewish. It is always pejorative, and is most often used in reference to a non-Jewish woman who is partnered with a...
  • How To Make Hanukkah Crafts

    Creating Hanukkah crafts is a wonderful way to spend some creative time together with your child. Whenever possible, turn first to your child for unique ideas of his...
  • How To Play Dreidel

    Playing the dreidel game is a Jewish tradition that the entire family can enjoy together during Hanukkah. If you don't already have a dreidel, visit our article...
  • How To Buy a Menorah

    The menorah is the central religious symbol of Hanukkah and such a fundamental symbol in Jewish faith that it appears on Israel's coat of arms. The origin of the...
  • How To Understand Hanukkah

    Hanukkah is coming and that means... what does that mean? If you're not of the Jewish faith, Hanukkah may mean only a few things: dreidels, menorahs, that Adam...